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What's next!

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I am 4 months post RP. My latest PSA was non-detectable. Hopefully that will continue! I have had full bladder control for over a month. I've had no erections yet. I've tried viagra twice with nothing but a headache for my troubles. My wife of 35 years has been wonderful. I'm not sure I could have survived this without her. Have any of you had similar experiences and if so, what are the long term implications? If viagra doesn't work, does that indicate cialis or levitra wouldn't work either? All the literature I read indicates I am worrying about this too soon. Maybe I am, but my normally optimistic views have turned on me. My confidence level is low. I am hoping to hear from some of you that have already been down this bumpy road. I would appreciate any information on similar experiences and what your final outcome was. Is it possible to regain natural erections after having such poor luck with viagra?

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Don't give up! There are other options besides Viagra. A friend of mine in ILL. has used Levitra and appears to have had success. Although I have not had a need for these aids, I would suspect they all have different qualities.

Good luck, and keep us informed of your successes.


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Dont feel bad Im 6 months RP and none of the pills work for me. Viagra doesnt do it Levitra I have tried and it doent work. And Cialis is the worst. I couldnt sit in a car and drive everything in my body hurt. My back was killing me. I have another Dr appt and I have to have my PSA taken in acouple of weeks and I will have to talk to him then. I even tried a cheap vacuum that I ordered on the internet works alittle but not enough. I think I am in the same boat that you are in I have a wife of 30 years and she is very understanding about my problem. I know what you are going thru because it sounds like both of us have the same conditions. Good Luck.

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Just wanted to let you know from the wife's point of view of someone who knows how important it is for a male to have an erections and able to make there wife happy. BUT we are happy you are still hear and we are able to have you with us is more important than sex. i would give it up forever to know my husband will always be there with me and the family. but my heart hurts for you and the problems that you have. just remember there are others things you can do to please your spouse. good luck and i hope you find something to work for you.


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Please! Only 4 months? Don't rush it. You will be
fine. Viagra doesn't overcome the nerve damage that quickly. Give it a year and try again. You will be impressed by the results. At 8 months I was surprised one day to have a non stimulated
erection. The nerves do grow back. Your wife
does understand

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I am 2 months out of lap.removal. My doctor say patience is key to erections, wait a year. He doesnt believe in meds and devices at this time. I am able to achieve orgasm in flaccid state which is better than nothing. Dont give up. Nothing wrong with self induced happiness

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Hi. I also seem to be on the same boat. Had surgery two months ago, full removal, at City Of Hope, and I´m dealing with that issue right now (47 y/o). I was hoping Viagra would have an answer, but I guess I have to wait. At the same time, I feel very lucky to have an angel as a wife.
Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

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