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Is there any more evidence of omeprazole causing stomach tumors and esophageal cancer in humans? I have seen studies on animals, but nothing concrete about humans... we are animals aren't we?

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Hi. I had EC surgery 6 years ago and have been on Prilosec ever since. I was greatly concerned about any side effect esp. with long term use. I have done my own research and also had some indept discussions with several MD's. In some people there is a polyp like growth that can develop with any proton pump inhibitor (PPI) but these growths are not "real" polyps and have not shown any signs of causing or increasing a persons change in developing cancer or anyother digestive problem. I don't know where you are in treatment (pre, during, post) but I would be glad to correspond with you. You may contact me directly at "mtnlivin@sti.net". I look forward to hearing from you (and yes we are all animals). Regards, Bruce

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