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PSA OF 8.1?

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My husband just got word that his PSA is 8.1, up from 1 about a year ago. He has NO symptoms. I realize this can sometimes be the case. Has anyone had experience with a high PSA and it was NOT cancer? Just looking for some words of hope. I am a 4-year OVCA survivor, and I know that my blood level can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Just wondering if that's so with PSA's. He has an August 16 appointment with a urologist. I recall my Dad had a prostate biopsy years ago. And a man I work with had his removed last year (69 years old). Anyway, any information you can provide would be helpful. Thank you so much and God Bless you for your help!

Posts: 1995
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I should mention that my husband had major back surgery 3/10/04. Then two months later (5/11/04) he was back in the hospital with what they called 'renal insufficiency' due to a bladder infection. At that time he had incontinence, burning, pain, urgency, you name it. They did a DRE and said the prostate was of normal size. Today I will find out if they did lab work for PSA. Thanks again.

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Hi Monika

It is not unusual for your husband to have no symptons. However, with such a rapid increase in his PSA I will be surprised if his urologist does not suggest a biopsy. If not I would be REALLY surprised if he does not do another PSA test.

Is there a history of Prostate Cancer in your husband's family? This is very important since PC can be heriditary.

Your husband is doing the right think in going to a Urologist, if for no other reason than to put his mind at rest.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you find out. Above all, Keep a positive attitude!


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I went for 4 years with raising PSA, first at 4 or 5 then it went up each yar. Each year I had an exam and 10 shot biopsy with negative results. IN March of 2003 my PSA was 14.? and biopsy was negative. I should hve gone to a different urologist. In Dec '03 PSA was 19.4 and they did a 30 shot biiopsy and found cancer. Had a RP at Mayo end of Jan '04 and all turned out goood. The Mayo Doc's couldn't believe that my urologist had strung me along so long iwth the numbers I had. I did not have the usual signs they look for and no history in my family. Don't hesitate to get the biopsy done, and don't feel bad asking for 2nd opinion.

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