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Chemotherapy with a Neobladder

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I am going to need chemotherapy and have a neobladder as of 6/1/04. They will be giving me gemcedemine and cisplat, and will have to give an extra liter of fluid both before and after giving the drugs. The nurse said that with the medicine, I will be receiving almost 3 liters of fluid. I am still incontinent with using the neobladder, and the oncologist is not sure if the neobladder will have enough capacity. To complicate things, they will be giving me Lasix to expel the extra fluid, and there are no commodes available near-by, only a few shared washrooms.

For those who have had chemotherapy and the amount of extra fluids mentioned above with a neobladder, how did you or your doctors handle this or a similar situation? Thank you very much.

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I sent you a reply earlier so hope you received it. My husband has them catheterize him during the long treatment (he has Cisplatin and Gemzar over 4 hours) and then he leaves the catheter in until 10 p.m. the night of treatment. He found in his prior chemo that the neobladder retained the chemicals and caused irritation of the neobladder - this way the neobladder empties much quicker that it would.

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I did receive your reply and responded. Thank you very much. My computer was down for a few days.

My oncologist is also catheterizing me for the long treatment with Cisplatin and Gemzar. It takes a total of almost 6 hours and he is using mannitol and lasix for the last two hours with a liter of liquid to flush my kidneys and system. They withdrew the catheter almost immediately after last bag of IV is completed. I will have to ask them about keeping catheter in for a while longer. I've only had one treatment, so I haven't experienced this for very long.

The treatment plan is for one week with both Cisplatin and Gemzar as described above, one week with Gemzar alone, which I will have for the first time on this Friday, and then one week off. Is this similar to the treatment your husband is receiving.

Also, is this your husband's second time for chemotherapy?

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I must have my bladder removed. I am trying to decide on whether or not to have neobladder surgery.
Any comments good or bad?

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I have a neobladder, since June,04 and am very happy I chose that option. Some things are different, the sensation of fullness, frequency of emptying, but I feel it was the best option for me. I'm grateful and amazed at how well it works!

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rThere is a belt that will help you through this pain. The good part about it is that you don't have to take it by mouth. Pain medicines can take you down rapidly an you can also get hooked. This belt is applied in the stomach are. This belt was designed to fit between the pelvic and the abdomen. It can be worn on top of the clothes or next to the skin. It is inner lined with sheepskin. It is for patients with bladder cancer. It has string on both sides that go through the belt so you can adjust it as tight as you would like. This belt is for patients that are in severe pain. For more information log on to cancerbelt.com and e-mail me at yolanderlee@aol.com with your name an address. I will send you a brochure along with a picture that shows you exactly how it work or call 901-382-9444.

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