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Going through diagnosis

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My husband went into hospital 3 weeks ago after vomiting blood. AFter an endoscopy, they found an "ulcer" at the join between his stomach and esophagus that caused the bleeding. They stopped the bleeding and had him under observation for 6 days. On the last day they did a biopsy and found cancerous cells. He has now been transferred to another specialist hospital.On Friday, he went for another endoscopy and ultrasound. Today, he will be having his CT scan. Hopefully we will know by Wednesday what the next steps are. My husband is not a smoker nor does he consume alcohol often.The only symptoms he has shown is fatigue, the internal bleeding ang heartburn. I am doing my best to keep positive and take each day at a time but I would really appreciate some encouraging stories from those that suffered similar symptoms.

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Greetings. I am a 6 year survivor of stage 3 EC. I suggest that you visit Cathy's EC Cafe at www.eccafe.org. There is a lot of information there and also a link to an EC group with over 1200 members. The group is very active and has lots of good information. There will be someone in your area who has gone through this. If you wish please contact me directly at "mtnlivin@sti.net". I had a 10 cm lesion at the esophagus/stomach junction. Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you. Bruce Triebold, Oakhurst, CA.

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