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It was 22 months ago that my mother was diagnosed with metastisized colon cancer in Aug.'02 at 55 yrs. old. She had surgery to remove what tumors they could. The surgeon said there were seedlings on her liver and many tumors in the abdomen. Chemo was started right after. During the past 22 months of treatment she has went through many types of treatment, first was CPT-11 w/ 5 F-U, then Oxaliplatin, then Gemzar, and last was Xeloda w/ Erbitux. During one of her treatments with Oxaliplatin she developed a severe allergic reaction and also to leukavorin and required Oxygen. Until recently the mass in the pelvic area had not decreased but was contained. The last CT scan showed new lesions in the abdomen, kidney and lymph nodes.

About 2 weeks after the CT scan she had difficulty breathing. She is in the hospital now for over a week. Her abdomen keeps filling up with fluid which is making difficult for her to breathe and is on oxygen. She's had the fluid drained 3x's in the past 2 weeks. There are pockets of fluid building up from tumors. She also has an infection.

It's like overnight, one minute she was feeling fine and the next she's in the hospital. She sometimes can barely get words out, is disoriented and very restless. I feel like I'm losing her right in front of my eyes. I prey that she will improve. How can her physical and mental state deteriate so quickly???? I'm afraid to leave her bedside.

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Hi Victoria,

I'm sorry your mom is having to go through so much. I'm sure you're wishing there was more you could be doing for her. I cannot explain how things can change so drastically. There is nothing magical I can say other than I will keep her and your family in my prayers. You are a very loving daughter, and for that I am sure she is both proud and grateful.

All my best,


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I am so sorry. The love you have for your mom is easily seen. I'm sure she is aware of the caring people around her. Hang in there - and stay by her side, but remember to leave long enough to keep your strength up too. I'm sure you are soooo very emotionally drained. Try to get support, from either family, friends, or a therapist.

We will be thinking of you and your family.

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Victoria-I am so sorry to hear about your mother's sudden difficulties. One of the good and bad things about cancer is that it can be fairly assymptomatic for long periods of time, but can sudddenly cause problems. Sometimes things such as blood clots to which we, as cancer patients are more likely to get, can cause problems suddenly. Infections can also cause problems quickly.

I am certain that your presence is of great comfort to her, but do get a bit of rest. You need to take care of yourself too.

My prayers go out to you, your family and mother.

Take care,


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Hi Victoria--am so sorry to hear of your mum.I lost my mum to brain cancer 5 years ago and know with all sincerity how you are feeling.I have to agree with Jana that you also will need lots of support.Jen and I sought the help of a therapist and urge you to consider it.As the others have said, unfortunately there are many directions that cancer takes us all and many have to continually fight this horrible thing.
We truly hope that you are able to report back to us with more positive news of your mum.
Our prayers are with you Victoria--luv kanga n Jen

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My wife had a liver resection done a tumor in the liver from colon cancer. We went to the cleveland clinic to have it done. She started with stage 3 two years ago and was doing well and ceas went up in jan 2004 and found tumor. All I can say is never give up and always believe. I don`t know where your mom is being treated, but always look for new treatment out there. My wife does take herbs and extra vitamins. I think Lance Armstrong said it all by saying he wasn`t ready to dy. We will pray for you and your mom.


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Victoria, I am so very sorry for what you and your mother are going through. I too know first hand how it feels...the utter feeling of helplessness and dispair. I do not know if you are a religeous person but I have found that putting my faith in God and knowing that he is caring for both you and your mother, even if it doesn't seem like it too you now, helps a little.

I have no knowledge as to why cancer does what it does but I do know you are not alone. We will keep you and your mom in our prayers for recovery and better days ahead.

Monika & Bert

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