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GREAT Trip we're back!!

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Hello Everyone!!! I have been catching up on all the post and thought I would give you guys some good new to lift some spirits!! Bob and I had a great time at the car show in CT. The club our son is in " The Road Agents" put on a great show and as promised they had everything set up for his Dad. We had a FREE room and meals all weekend. What a surprise!! They said it was a way to thanks us for coming and helping them out with all their shows for the last 6 years. The weather held out until our way home on Sunday. Bob kicked me out of the drivers seat and drove all the way up and back. It was GREAT to see him behind the wheel driving the vehicles he loves so much he had such a rush!!! His brother and friends said that they were going to trade in his couch for an Olsmobile car seat for him to rest in so he keeps the smile on his face. It was interesting coming home on Sunday as we hit rain on the NY Thruway and the wipers stopped working after a few minutes which we couldn't get working again so we looked through the rain drops with me being the copilot like old times. He said he was really tired when we got home but it was worth it!!! He was also finally able to get the 2 round of his new chemo. He is fighting an infection in his lungs but he is upbeat which it super!!! He even washed and waxed my wheels yesterday as he knows I hate to wash my car. We are holding on and fighting the best way we know how!!!
Thank You guys for all your prayers as they are working. We went through some really tough time and now the light is starting to shine again, even though it is pouring outside right now. We are hoping and praying that the sun keeps shinning for a very long time. We have to get through 2 more treatments for his next CT scan. Positive thoughts all the way!!! Thanks to everyone!!!! Sue and Bob

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Sue and Bob- I am so glad to hear that you had a great time. I hope and pray for you that the new chemo brings continued sucess.

Best wishes,


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Hiya Sue n Bob--hey, great to hear you had a good time--amazing what a little "quality" time will do.After 9 months of us going thru hell we took a 4 week holiday and it really helped Jen to chill out.We did 7,300 klms on our touring motorbike and I could see tha smile on Jen's face getting bigger by the day.
I really struggled with that 4 weeks(had only just completed chemo)---but knew that it would be good for both of us.I didn't tell Jen just how bad I was really feeling but am glad I decided to go.I guess that Bob may well have felt the same but his determination and spirit obviously won him over--he must be a man of great conviction Sue--probably goes well with your strength as a carer.
Lotsa luv n huggs--hang in there Bob!!!!!
kanga n Jen

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