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hi stacy !!!!!!!!!!

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i am a 46 year old male. i had 2 aunts on mothers side with breast cancer. i think i am going to continue chemo through iv.so far everything going okay. i have a pouch that i deal with for now will get reversal after chemo is done 23 more to go

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Hi again... I'm not Stacy, but I read your first post. Just for you to know... I started the chemo through IV and then half way through my veins got sclerosed (scarred up from chemo) and I got a central line placed. No surgery, just an outpatient procedure that I used.

I have VERY small veins - I'm not a big person. So if you have big hulking male veins like my hubbie, you'll be fine. If it takes 3 people and tons of sticks before the iv can be placed, consider a central line.

Glad things are going so well for you - it is all relative...

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Hi Fed
Welcome,glad you've met Stacy she is the inspiration of the semi-colons. I am male I was 48 at dx stage 3 with 6 of 13 lymphs bad and extremely aggressive tumor. I had 5Fu and lv but couldnot tolerate it ,nearly dissappeared down the loo. Finished up on 48 weekly sessions of 5fu and levamisol,still made me crook but survived it . Had it thru iv alternate hands each week ,veins turned black past my elbows but faded after chem finished. They gave me two to three years max both surg and onc felt certain it would return because of the aggression and number of lymphs involved. It's now been 6yrs and 7 mos ,no return all tests cclear and in jan 2003 my surgeon told me he believed I was cured so keep up the attack on the ca and look forward to a long and healthy future best wishes Ron.

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Hiya Fed.--I am not Stacey either--but welcome to tha group.Saw your post but was busy at the time and not able to reply.All the support given to you is typical of these guys--just sad that the big c has brought you here but nonetheless we are here to help you keep your chin up.I am pretty much the same as you but didn't get a temp. bag.I just completed 6 months 5fu/leuc. and am here to tell you that you will do the time ok.With a bit of luck you may well tolerate the chemo well--here's hoping.Do let us know if you have any problems--am sure we will all b able to help.
Hey Fed., Ron has done 6 years with this crappy disease--and a mate of mine here in OZ has done 18(with a bag!)
SOOOOO--you too will be fine!
Our best---kanga n Jen

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Well, I am Stacy...

I had my reversal done nine months after my surgery, and no complications to date...that was in 2002. With every day will come new challenges, and just take them little by little, and you'll do just fine. Do you have a port for your chemo? It's a great idea, and will spare your veins having to put up with the meds pumping through them. How long ago were you diagnosed? I was 33, and will be 37 this December...cancer makes you really look forward to birthdays! Been clear since 2002.

Keep in touch,


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