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difference between carcinoma in situ and high grade dysplasia?

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hi, i am very confused, my doctor told me that my LEEP showed "high grade changes with glandular involvement". is this the same as carcinoma in situ? is carcinoma in situ cancer or precancerous? please help!

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Hi AlexandraB,
What I have learned, a LEEP is done to rule out abnormalities within the canal or "inside" the cervix. So yours is showing abnormalities. Did your doctor say it was carcinoma in situ? Carcinoma in situ is cancer, not precancerous. It is the being stages. High grade changes with glandular involvement is not cancer however it could lead to it. Stay on top of this and you should be fine. Catching abnormalities early and treating them is the key, and that is what you are doing.
Take care and God bless.

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Thank you for the info! my doctor did not explain anything very well, i have since then changed doctors. Be well!

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