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Results from CT/MRI

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I just got my results from my MRI of liver and CT of chest. The good news is that their is no new tumors. However, the tumor on my liver, which had shrunk 50%, is still the same size as it was in May, 1 cm. Since there is no reduction in size, does this mean chemo isn't working anymore? Could it be dead cells? I have an appointment with my onc. tomorrow, but I'm curious what you might think. Thanks, Mike

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Hi Mike:

Actually, I think your news is good all the way around. That your tumor has not grown any indicates, from what I am told, stability, which is not a bad thing in cancer. Main concern is that you don't want any new growths or existing growths to get bigger. Celebrate this good news and may your next scans be even better.

Monika & Bert

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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear they found no more tumors. As far as the Lesion maybe it is all dead. Hard to say. Are they monitoring your CEA? Also will a Pet/Scan help tell them if you have live cells?
Interesting how different hospitals do different test. I found that people who go to Sloane get MRI of liver. At Yale they do a Cat scan and then follow through with a Pet Scan. (hubby had to have Pet scan and come clean in order to have liver resect).
My hubby started his after treatment today. They call it preventive now. They introduce him to Avastin. I know that you were on it and did real well. My question to you is what other drugs did they treat you with. He is getting a total of four.
Oxi/leuc/5ur/avastin. The avastin is going to be reduce each time.
Also he is on blood pressure medicine, since he ran a little high during his first round of treatment.
Well best of luck tomorrow. Ask about the Pet Scan?
Keep us posted.

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Thanks for the update. My cancer seems to be different in that it doesn't give off CEA as marker and couldn't be seen in the CT scan (something about the density of the tumor is close to the density of the liver tissue). The MRI does show the tumor on the liver as does the PET. So MRI and PET will be the scans for me.

As far as the chemo goes, I am on Camptostar, 5-FU, Luekavorin and Avastin (sp?). I have two more rounds to go.

I hope your husband does as well with his chemo.

I will let you know what the onc says.

Have a great weekend. We're going camping with our boys this weekend. It's going to be a hot weekend here in Oregon. Mike

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Wow, Good news for the results.
I hope all goes well with your appoitnment tomorrow.


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