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Beach Bums! :)

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Hey guys! finally talked, no , dragged my hubby to the beach! In 7 yrs. we've only ever been away from home 1 weekend 2 yrs ago... so I reserved the room on the cc and told him "WE'RE GOING" he was very reluctant due to $$ issues. I don't care if it takes me all year to pay off it was worth it! We went to Dewey Beach in DE, and actually stayed an extra day! Watching my husband smile and laugh for the first time in a very long time was so well worth it. We had a blast! Got video of hubby jumping waves in the ocean - he hasn't been to the beach in over 15 years! We found shells and clams, jellyfish and crabs, much to the delight of our almost 6 yr old. Hubby just loved watching him see the beach/ocean /seagulls and all for the first time! He was so funny and so excited. Hubby and I spent quiet time together on the beach at night and it was just more wonderful than I could have imagined... It was a nice break from all the worries we've had this year... no bills, no forms, no appts., no phone calls, just us and the ocean just lovely!

Well, just wanted to let you all know we appreciate you all being here for us and praying for us, and wanted to let you know how we are doing. Keep in touch! God Bless all of you :)

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Sally - Sounds like you guys had a most wonderful time. That sounds like awefully good medicine to me.

Here is hoping and praying that you have many more wonderful vacations ahead.

Best wishes,


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Sally, sounds like a good time was had by all and I'm with you. You only go around once and if there is a means by which you can reward and enjoy yourself, even if it means cutting back on something else, go for it.

You and your husband made wonderful memories that will stay with each of you forever.

Monika & Bert, who make a point of going somewhere at least once a month...even if only for a day. It's great!

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Great News for the both of you!!!! Glad to hear your enjoying the time off of Chemo!!!!!!
Pray for you and hubby for many more years of vacations together!!!!!

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Thanks, guys, you are all so wonderful! I encourage anyone reading this post, to take at least a day away once in awhile... it was so worth it. I believe God will provide the way if the will is there :) Bless you :)
Sally Jo

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