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PET / CT Scan...NED

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Hi All,

To update any newcomers, I am a Stage 3 survivor who began Folfox 4 in November and finished it about four weeks ago.

My Pet and CT scans were all clear and for that I'm so grateful. My oncologist told me that I would repeat both tests in three months, and then I could have my Gronshong catheter removed.

I still get frustrated with my body when it feels tired and my mind and heart do not. I guess it takes a little time for the body to bounce back from chemo. Because of my overall good health, my doctor gave me pretty big dose of oxaliplatin (140 mg.). When I asked him about chemo maintenance, he said I had all the chemo I could have for awhile.

Anyway, I feel great and am looking forward to a long and healthy future!

Love and hugs,


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Great news, Kate; it is so encouraging to hear from others who are doing well. I finshed my chemo 2 weeks ago, 5FU and leuco, and was also expecting to wake up any day now feelilng like my old self. Instead, I wake up from much needed naps, feeling better! My onc said to give it 4-6 weeks for some of the major stuff to settle, but the fatigue may take months to clear!! I'm heading back to the gym next week to begin building up more strength.
My boss decided not to extend my leave for 6 more weeks, so I can now look forward to recuperating on unemployment once my disability is done!
Getting my port removed next week, along with my thyroid, completely unrelated to cancer stuff.
Hang in there, Regards, Judy

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Kay, That is all great news!! I look forward to talking about you in more detail about your doctor, onc., etc, since I will be moving to Austin in the next few months. It will be nice to have a "heads" up on a good doctor.

I have been off my chemo for a year now and have just begun to REALLY feel good. My medi-port was removed last November and that was a relief, especially since it hinders the golf swing.

Keep in touch with the next scan and check up. These first few always gave me anxiety pains, until I got the a-okay from the results. Congratulations and wishing you all good things and a long healthy life.

p.s. check the Austin newspaper next weekend (maybe Monday), should be an announcement of my husbands new job in Austin at one of the banks.

Talk to you soon.


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Great news Kate and I think you will feel a little better each day as time goes on. My husband just finished 10 months of 5fu/leuc/oxal (oxaliplatin was added for the last six months)and although he tolerated treatment quite well, he feels more like his old self, especially his energy level. He too was stage III with lymph node involvement. Hang in there...it's all good from here.


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Believe in pet scan it help my wife for early detection and had liver resection. Because of early detection she was able to have resection and still be cured.

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What great news Kay. I suspect that you will gradually feel more and more energetic as all the side effects wear off.

Here is hoping that you have many, many more positive test results.

Best wishes,



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Congratulations to you on not only finishing your chemo but for making it through one of the most, if not THE most, difficult period you (or any of us for that matter) will likely ever face in your life.

Im sure you will be back to your old self in no time and that all of this will be a distant memory.

Keep in touch, we are all thinking of you


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