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My prostate cancer operation was a year ago. I have tried all the pills and finally the injections. The caverject injections work pretty good. The problem is that my insurance will not cover this prescription and it is very expensive. I don't want to limit my activity because of money but it is getting to that point. Anyone hve any suggestions e.g. organizations that will help with the cost?


  • WarrenF
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    I work in support groups. I've never heard of any help available re: $$$$. Most of the guys who use this say a very little goes a long, long way. Are u sing too much each injection?
  • mroberts
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    You might try again to get your insurance or physicians insurance group to cover. At first I was told no but later I got my doctor to write a letter to the physicains network and because I inject it myself they said OK. They said I was originally told no because they thought I was getting the injections in the doctor's office. It may be worth a try.
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    If you happen to be a Vet, the VA pays for it. They even have a dedicated "clinic" called ERD. Good luck. I've used it for about 8 years.
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    If you live in california there is a state program that guarantees treatment for cancer patients at no cost if you cannot afford insurance. Do a google search and try Prostate Cancer, state programs, California for the phone number. I do not know if they will pay for injections after initial treatment, but it's worth a try.