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Newly diagnosed stage IV

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I was diagnosed on 6/26/04 with clear cell renal cancer, stage IV. I have a fantastic support group of family & friends, but would like to talk to people who are experiencing what I am.

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Wow Vic,

Sorry to hear it. Great that you've got support. I couldn't have done it without my own incredible group.

I got lucky and caught it before Stage IV, but I would think they're going to get you into surgery right away. I'm surprised they haven't done it already.

Hang in there Friend and keep us posted ...

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Thanks Chicago. It was great to get a reply. Surgery is set for Aug. 2nd. In radiation therapy now for a single breakoff cell in my right eye. They're trying to improve my sight. In Sept, I enter a program/study at the U of Minn. They'll take my own cancer cells from the removed kidney and create a vaccine. Hope you're doing OK & thanks again for letting me know someone's out there.

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Hi Vicar -- I was diagnosed with RCC in April of 03, stage 1, and had a right radical nephrectomy. What were your symptoms? If you're going to the U of M you're in good hands!


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My husband was dx with recurrent RCC stage IV in July of 2003. He received Hi Dose IL2 (didn't work) but in April 2004 he had a stem cell transplant (donor is our son) and is doing good. We will know about the restaging of the tumors by tomorrow. Once he is off the steroids, he will begin with IL2 shots in his stomach (clinical trial, also) I pray all is well with you!!!!Be blessed,Lisa

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