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Beach Babe Back!

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Hey y'all!

How are the semi-colons? Everyone regular?

Am the tanned goddess i was hoping to be but with a couple extra pounds. Dang the cook was fabulous! Too good. Back to carrot juice and brown rice.....

Have not had a chance to update with all the new posts and faces.

Hope all is well.

anyone care to jump in here and give me quick personal updates will be greatly appreciated since I have to seriously get busy packing for our move North.

Man it's hot here in Minnesota today.

peace, emily who is even more freckled than before!

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Hi Emily, it is good to hear from you and glad you had a good vacation! I missed seeing your posts. I am doing pretty good. Ultrasound came back normal with the exception of gallstones, which might have been what caused my liver panels to be a little whacky for a while. I go back to the dr in Sept for CEA, liver panels, etc. Any good diet recommendations to keep these gall stones from attacking?

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Bummer...all my nutrition books are packed away and moved already. But when I had a gallstone attack I removed fats from my diet (hard ones..animal etc) and drank lots of clear broth and ate fruit. Remind me later in August when I am moved into my new place and I will look it up. Otherwise go to www.curezone.com and look up info.

peace, emily

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Welcome Back!

I am so glad you had a wonderful holiday. You have been missed. I got your mail btw and would love to discuss further with you at my other email addy which you have, if you have time. You are my inspiration you know that.


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Hey Emily--great to have yah back--geez--yu look great too, he he!How bout yu send kanga some of your warmth--it's damn cold over here now--almost down to 32 most nights.Hey, we got so many new faces here its gunna take you 24/7 to get into the swing.
lotsa luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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hey dude! can always count on you for a chat!

Everything going ok your way?

I give up on the new posts! Just too many to read while I really should be packing!


peace, emily

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hey lisa,

just email me with any specific questions/discussion you have with the protocol I sent you. I just added Green Tea tablets to my protocol yesterday. Read an article about it in my Alternative Medicine mag and thought I would add it. It's the only thing "alternative" that my oncologist would actually recommend. I drink the stuff often (trying to get some every day) but thought I would skip to the chase and take the tablets too.

Write me!

peace, emily who must love color---blue blueberries, orange carrots, green tea.....

Anonymous user (not verified)

Welcome back Em...so glad you had a great time. I for one missed you. Haven't been posting to much lately myself and I tend to lag behind anyway, but I do pop up every now and then with my two cents worth. Welcome back!

Monika ;-)

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thanks girl!

how are bert and your mom?

anyone hear from our sweet baby girl andrea lately??

peace, emily

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hi Em:

Haven't heard from Andrea in a while. Funny, I was thinking about her the other day myself. Sure hope all is well. I'm sure it is...she's 21 and probably out there doing what all 21 year olds do...having a grand old time.

Bert is doing very well, thank you. He is getting his port removed August 2. He is finished with chemo (4 fours 5fu/leuc and 6 additional months 5fu/leuc/oxal) and his oncologist recommends taking it out as it enhances chances for infection if it isn't flushed regularly. Scans will be done again July 29 with results at onc's office by August 5. So far, he is NED and CEA dropped when he was taken off chemo for 6 weeks when we were in Europe. Last colonscopy was clean, he feels great, and I hope and pray with all my heart and soul that he has licked it!:) :) :) :)

Mom is doing well too...again, thank you for asking. She is still in clinical trial and has had a partial response 1/3 of way through treatment. She has good days and bad days but more good ones than bad ones as a whole. Keeps her spirits up at all time and is of the mind set that she has quite a few more years to go before this lung cancer will get her. Great attitude. :) :) :) :)

I know that all is well with you but I'd sure like to see more posts from you. Where's Sponge...haven't seen anything from him in a long while either.

Lots of hugs your way girl,
Monika, who is absolutely smoothering in the Los Angeles heat and once again, just like last year, surrounded by fires. This is getting old :(

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Hi Emily,

You have been missed! I'm glad you had a great vacation. Best wishes on your move.



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Hi Emily,
You sound great, must have been a good vacation. Enjoy the heat while you have it (maybe pack up some for the cold winter?) Good luck with the packing...where will you be living next?
Finished my 6 months of chemo this month, and it went well, over all. I'm looking forward to feeling less fatigued with each passing down, and am getting some stuff done already.
Good to have you back, keep packing, Judy

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Glad you had that well-deserved vacation, rest and relaxation, sun and fun and food. Hope you slathered on the sun screen my dear - I am in the midst of having 2 skin cancers removed that flared up after finishing my chemo. The doc. said that happens sometimes - so beware when beach babing (I'm mean bathing!!)

Glad to have you back. Good luck on your move. Here's to a long healthy life.


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Hi Kerry,

Yes, rest assured this Scottish freckle face slathered on the 20-30 SPF daily. Then apres sun I followed with aloe gel and coQ10 serum to add anti-oxidents to skin rejuvenation. And of course I drank a ton of water.

I just read in my latest Alternative Medicine magazine about what you eat makes a difference in skin cancer too. Covering all bases since my mother and grandmother are continually having growths removed. It's that darn Scottish skin!

Hope your surgical procedure goes well.

peace, emily who is brown as a nut and acts like one too! :-)

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hi judiths,

we're moving up the North Shore of Lake Superior. It will be plenty cold up there I guarantee it! Great for dogsledding though! WooHoo!

Log cabin on 40 acres mostly forest with bear (hubby has seen two at our bird feeder) and wolves and tons of deer. There is probably moose too but have not seen one ever in MN. ...maybe someday....

Glad you are done with the chemo. Uggabugga.

peace, emily

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Hey Emily!

I didn't even remember you were from Minnesota...we just got back today from the Mall of America...kids loved Camp Snoopy!

Had I remembered, we could have met up with you, but sounds like you were off to warmer areas!

Take Care,


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