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Update on Virgie

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MariaA and anyone else who has met my sister Virgie. I know you asked how she was Maria and I figured I would update you.

Virgie is at home and being looked after by her eldest daughter. My sister is a very strong woman who is not going without a fight. I always knew she was full of spunk, but had no idea what a trooper she was going to be in this illness. My sister has kept her sense of humor and continues to make us laugh in the saddest part of her life. Honestly..she amazes me every day.

My sisters illness is progressing and she is really medicated. Unfortunatley the conversations have not been as they were and she is sleeping more than awake these days.

I pray that her children, especially her eldest daughter find strength during this very difficult time. I watch them and remember how painful it was caring for my mother who also died of cancer 10 years ago next month.

Life is strange.. Virgie and I cared for my mother during her last days of life, as I now see her daughter doing for her. It all seems really unfair.

Please keep them in your prayers and I will try to keep you updated.

You can email me if you like at Cindy__Wright@hotmail.com.

Take care all and best of luck in your recovery!


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Vergie and your family will be in my prayers. I know this must be a very difficult time for all. I pray for their strength, courage, and peace.


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My sister passed away July 31st. Thank you to all her friends who supported her throughout her illness. Best of luck to all.

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