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Scan question!

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If my dad had a scan for his stomach (as they thought he might have a ulcer or stonce)do you think they would have seen if anything was on the liver or would he have to have a specific scan for that. Sorry, I am new at this so I hope my question doesn't sound too stupid.

As always, thanks for your help!

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hello there. in ans to your ? the scan would show the liver and usually the radiology reader will note all that is seen. you should see if you can look at the report and read for yourself if your dad will allow. i just had a scan of my ab and they noted about the liver. rest assured if they do see anything suspicous they will tell your dad and it will be noted in report. your ? r not dumb there is alot to learn. i hope your dad is doing fine. hope this helps a little.


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It partly depends on the type of scan. If it was a CT scan of teh abdomen the liver is included although whther or not they used contrast (dye injected into the vein affects how good it is at picking up problems in the liver). An MRI of the abdomen is also similar. however neither of these are that great at looking at the stomach lining for ulcers.
However if they just did a normal xray which can pick up some stones (mainly kidney ones but occasionally gallstones too) then the liver is not able to be seen.

Another option was that they did an ultrasound scan which is good for gallstones and can look at the liver for problems but would depend on whether the request asked the radiographer to look speciifically at the liver or not.

The final type of investigation that is mmost commonly used to look for ulcers is an endoscopy- a telescope down the throat. This only really assesses the lining of the stomach and would not check teh liver at all.

Sorry if I have confused you more. Never feel stupid about asking questions- it si the best way to help your dad by gathering info and staying on top of things. The best thing may be to have a word with the team treating your dad and direct the questions at them or perhaps come back with some more specifics and we may be able to have another go at being of use to you.

Best of luck ,

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