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Short Update

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Hi all, Well, I'm finally home after 48 days in the hospital. Still having some problems, but still a lot better than I was. I know my daughter probably updated most of you on my condition. I had a really rough time. They couldn't stop my bleeding. I had a total of 30 pts of blood when it was all over. The doctor closed me back up after the first surgery, but went back in two days later and finished. He said they didn't have to use the paddles on me,but other than that, I almost died. I was in ICU 10 days, I don't really remember that much though. I guess that's good. My colostomy is working pretty well, Not much problems with it. I still have a cathether because my bladder won't work. I go to urologist on Monday. Hope everything starts working. Anyhow, I am still recovering. Not much strength after being in bed that long. Went to my surgeon's appt yesterday and he said things are looking better. Please still remember me in your prayers. I've missed you all and hope you're all doing well.

Love and prayers, Judy H(grandma047)

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I am so glad you are home and am sure that will quicken your recovery. You must be one tough cookie and your story has inspired me greatly, thank-you


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Oh, Judy, What a tough time you've been through. It is SO good to hear from you, I've been thinking of you and sending many prayers your way. Thank goodness this is behind you, and you can continue to focus on recovering your strength and feel better each day.
Your daughter kept Kanga posted, and he always passed the info on to us. Hope Stacey is breathing easier now that you are home. This disease has sure taught me to take nothing for granted.
Continuing with the prayers, the other Judy

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You certainly have been in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry you have had such a difficult time, but hopefully you are that road to recovery. We are hear for you and will be thinking of you as you get better.


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OH Judy- you have no idea how VERY happy I am to see your post. I have been thinking and praying that things would turn around for you. I am hoping/praying now that you are home that recovery will progress more quickly.

Your note gives us all inspiration to keep fighting!

Best wishes,


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Hi Judy, Thank God you are home. You will get well now. I have kept you in my prayers every night. I also have gone through some rough times so I totally understand. But being home is so much better. Thank your daughter for keeping us informed. I will continue to pray for you and all the others. Take care. Blessings, Annette

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Hiya Judy!!!!!It is so great to see you here.Jen and I have truly been worried about you and have had you in our thoughts all thru this horrid time you have had.
NOW you get off tha puta and back into bed and get some much needed rest or kanga's gunna stop sendin yah rainbows!!!!!!!!!
All our luv/huggs and very sincere best wishes.
Say hi to Stacy for us.
kanga n Jen --------(((((((((((Judy)))))))))))))

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Judy, Welcome back. You have been missed. You have been in all our prayers. I hope that you become stronger everyday. I am sending healing wishes your way. Maureen

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Hi Judy, glad to hear from you. Remember it takes time sometimes longer than others. May God Bless you, as I know he already is doing.

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Dear Judy,

I'm so sorry for your recent struggles, but so happy to hear that you are home. You are definitely in my heart and prayers. May your recovery go much quicker now that you are home.



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Judy it is so good to here from you. I have been keeping updated here and praying daily for your recovery. I am so sorry you had such a tough time, but am glad you are back. Continued pryers for healing and strength go out to you. Take care and keep us posted. Love ya!
Sally Jo

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