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ty all news not so bad

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hello all. yesterday when i went to the doc thought i was going to get such bad news and the way the ct report was written you would think so. the lesion in my lung is still there, but he thinks things r going great with it. as far as the stuff about my stomach he does not think that it is cancer and that it might even be from me have nausea and vomiting. of course he sd he is going to look at my scans personally to see for himself but he lesion is still about the size of pen head. i will still get my pet at the end of the month and he sd if something does show in my stomach then he will want to find out what it is but does not think it is cancer. of course you can imagine how relieved i was. the Lord heard our prayer and i am thankful to Him and all of you who responed with such kindness in words. my onc did say that he will not be letting me off chemo for a while now but my cea was only 1.3 so that is a great thing as well. i am so glad to be able to come back on here and give you good news and hopefully that can encourage someone else. big hugs to all of you.


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That is fantastic news!! We willkeep you in our prayers for the PET scan to vaildate the docs opinion. It just makes my day to hear good news on his site. Mike

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What great news, and what a roller coaster you have been on. Keep us posted; I'm keeping you in my prayers and sending hugs back ((((( ))))) Judy

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Wishes and prayers with u and your family(((((nettie)))),Ron.

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Nettie- I just got to read your notes. My prayers that the PET and further review of the CT scan confirm your oncologists opinion. My stomach wall was reported to be thick on a number of scans but never has changed or shown up on PET scans.

Best wishes,


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Thank God for your good news. You were on my prayer list...:) Take care..

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Great to hear Nettie--see - I told you in the chat room that a rainbow or two would help with your emotions and worry---hoping all goes extremely positive in the future,
luv n huggs kanga n Jen

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That is great news!!!!!! I am really happy to hear this. You made my day! I have been thinking about you and praying for you. Hang in there kiddo, it sounds like you are doing very well. Sending your hugs right back,

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Dear Nettie,

I was so glad to hear your oncologist's opinion. I'm just sorry you had to worry so much initially. I pray that your PET scan will be clear.



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