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This is my first time.(please read and respond)

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I am a 20 year old suvivor of cancer. I was diagnosed with it when I was only 17mo. old. I had no idea about tjis website. I was just browsing. I just want to share with others just like me.

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Don't feel alone. I'm a 21 year old survivor of ALL, and it's my first time too. What do you think of this site? I'm currently on a team to make it more geared towards youth survivors ( I volunteer for the ACS), so any suggestions would be greatly welcomed!
Andrew, VA

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Hi all,
Did you know that there is a very active discussion group for long term survivors of childhood/adolescent cancers at www.ACOR.org? Click on the mailing lists and scroll down to the LT-Survivors group and you can join in with over 300 survivors of childhood/adolescent cancer.
Recently I got to represent our group at a conference sponsored by ACS in Washington,D.C. and got to meet many of our members and also find new members for our group. So if you are out there, feeling alone and would like to meet other survivors please come join us.
Best wishes,
Linda Zame
zame@earthlink.net feel free to write to me directly if you have questions

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Hi, I'm a 20 year survivor of ALL. I was diagnosed at 3 and a half and cured by 6. I'm 26 now and intrested in connecting with fellow survivors. Feel free to email me here on the ACS sight..sorcharose

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Wow ive never talked to anyone like me before. Anyway my name is Ken I was first diagnosed with ALL in '84(2yo), found to be fatally allergic to all antibiotics, went into remission in '88. Was then rediagnosed in '90 went into remission again in '93. Aside from the longterm sideaffects been clean ever since.

New Hampshire

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Hi i am a 20 year old survivor myself. Was diagnosed when i was 13. Just thought I'd reply since u said u wanted to share!

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what kind of cancer did you have and how long have you been in remission

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