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I had 50 seeds implanted Oct. 03, PSA down to 0.2 in May. Ever since surgery I've been getting these sudden urges to go that are overwhelming. It seemed to ease very slightly towards the middle of June, but starting the end of June it suddenly got worse(difficulty starting & maintaining flow) bowel urgency has increased also. The urologist said 2-6mos. is the worst part, but here I am at 9mos. & its as bad as it was post-op. This has me concerned. Is this normal? I'm on flomax, tantral & advil. Anybody have any like experience?


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    Also had 52 seeds. Had same type of problem for approx 6mos. and tapered off. Since I also had hormone therapy prior and post seeds I may not have noticed that problem with the other effect from the hormone therapy. Believe it may be just healing time for the intenal radiation as well the stretching from the catheter?
    Time may be all you need. Look at the othr side--
    1. you can go (some have the reverse problem)
    2. you hopefully only have this problem to deal with (I am assuming you got the cancer).
    I always try to look at the "what if" or "rest of the story" even though it is a pain dealing with uncontrolled urination.
    Keep in touch and let us know if it improves. From the list of medications you have it seems as if all is being done. Has your doctor been asked whether it could be "something else"? and if so what is the test to determine?
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    Hi JW,
    It is somewhat comforting to hear of someone else experiencing the same after affects of the seed implants. I have just about completed this period you discribe of strong (very strong) urges to move my bowels and urinate. I went to see my GI about this, they put a scope up there and discovered tha the radiation severly burned the outer and iner lining of the lower bowel. In addition to all this, after going to the er for the pain, they discovered that everything down there was infected. Now that the antibiotics have done their worrk the symptoms are going away. They gave me this foam medicine that you pump into the anus. That helped a lot.
    Good luck.