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Stage III Question

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My dad got his scope today, and they didn't find anything *thank god* so they now think that his urinary problems are cause by a cut nerve during the operation.

He is still having severe cramps in his pelvic area, he goes for a scan on Monday...I am a little nervous about that. Does anyone know if and when it meets the liver if there are stomach pains or what the symptoms are? Also, how long does it normally take stage III colon cancer to hit the liver if 11 out of 20 lymph nodes were positive?

You comments would be appreciated.

Thanks so much,
Thinking of you all,
Canada :)

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Sounds like a rough time for teh both of you. These periods of uncertainty while doing investigations are some of the hardest to deal with. hang in there though as the end result can be very reassuring if they don't find anything serious.
Unfortunately there is no way in sying when or if stage 3 cancer will spread to the liver (ie become stage 4). Mny never do and stage three still has a good rate of total remission even with a lot of lymph node involvement. Pelvic pain is unlikely to be explained by liver mets as teh liver is high in the abdomen under the rib cage and i assume his pain is down low. Pelvic pain is more likely relted to teh organs low int eh abdomen whihc are the bladder (which htey have had a good look at) and the bowel which is undoubtably still recovering from the trauma of the op.
It is natural to think the worst when complications arise but be reassured by the normal scope of the bladder and if the abdo scan is normal then you can be more confident it isn't liver mets which is alway good news. Try to balance your thinking with positive 'logical ' thoughts about what the kind of minor things that could be cauing his problems eg the bowel healing itself. It is often so hard to to not let our thoughts run away with themselves at these times but it helps to try and keep an eye in them.
Sorry can''t be any more specific than that- best people to ask really are your surgeons. Write down questions like these to take to the next appointment perhaps.
Hope things go well and best of luck,

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Hi Julie from a fellow Canadian,

I think that you need to think of your dad as a Survivor of Stage III Colon Cancer, as I think of myself even tho I am still undergoing chemo. I like to believe, and do believe that my stage III, as hopefully your Dad's, will NEVER become Stage IV. That is not a given..I consider myself lucky to be Stage III as most seem to be Stage IV by the time this silent cancer is detected.

Ask tons of questions of the surgeon, onc. etc. I also believe that the pelvic pain might be associated to surgery...was it recent?

Keep a positive attitiude both for yourself and your Dad..it really does make a difference.

My postive vibes are headed your way!


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Hi Julie,

I am a survivor of stage 4. I was diagnosed in Oct 2001, and today am cancer free. What is really strange is that my liver mets was not discovered until I was actually on the operating table to remove the tumor in my colon. However, about one week before my sugery, I did have pain between the bottom of my ribs, and a little to the right. I couldn't even sleep on my right side, as something just didn't feel right. I didn't have excruciating pain, it just felt like something was there. In fact, upon feeling the area on the outside of my skin, there was a bump of sorts about the size of my thumb. Stupid me didn't mention this to the doctor prior to surgery, as I was trying to get as psyched up as possible for the surgery! Lucky for me, I had one of the top surgeons in the world perform my operation. That smart cookie that he is found the liver was affected about 40%. He took 40% of my liver, as well as my gallbladder.

So, there are some symptoms that you can look out for. I am hope that the butt of stage 4 can be kicked!


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Hi Stacy,

I haven't been on the network for a while, and read your post. Your note was wonderful to see and the message behind it is positive.

I am a state 3 crc survivor. I was diagnosed Nov 2001. I imagine that the treatment has left you in a similar situation as myself: Glad to still be alive and kicking.

There is a guy who I've been talking with (stage 3) who, at times, seems to think that it's a death sentence. Your message in one I'll need to share with him. He needs to know there is a strong reason to push on.

Be well,

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Hi Bruce!

I remember seeing some of your posts in the past...

I haven't been on for about a week as I felt the need to subject myself to a road trip from Indiana to Wisconsin, and then to Minnesota...WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?

Regardless...please tell anyone that there ARE good outcomes! I have no intention of letting this minor setback in my life ruin it entirely...in fact, if you never knew I was sick, you wouldn't be able to tell today...oh, except for this souvenir scar I have!

Keep in touch,


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Hi Julie,

I am a stage 3 survivor who finished chemo four weeks ago. I think only about being cancer free now and don't entertain the thought of it ever entering my liver.

Try and think positive thoughts. Maybe your dad's pain is from his intestines being not back to normal.

Let us know.



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