Some Good News! re: Pet scan results!

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Well we wnet to hopkins yesterday and found out the opposite of what we were told last week (that thechemo wasn't working/something showed up). Truth is the tumor in hubby's liver DID Shrink! by 1/3. Next step is NO CHEMO for 2 month then surgery to remove it! We still have a chance at a CURE! After all this last week of disappointments and stress, I am so relieved and totally exhausted. My hubby can now try to enjoy the rest of the summer before the surgery and I am just so thankful to be able to share some good news. God Bless you all... I will keep you posted...
Thanks for being there for me & Hubby...
Sally Jo


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    Hiya Sally Jo--hey--thats great to hear!!!!!We hope that you can settle down now and take time to enjoy a wjile withiout that added pressure lurking.Of course this is not an end to your worries but hope it has taken some of tha load off.Letus know when hubby is due for surgery.
    love n huggs to yah from oz-kanga n Jen
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    YAHOO!! Sally,
    I am so happy to hear your wonderful news!!!!! This is pretty typical of the whole process, you really do get a lot of ups and downs. It seems like people would be more careful when they are dealing with such serious issues, but you discover quickly that some of the professionals do not handle us with "care". I have to believe that they try. Great news!
    Hugs to you both,
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    Wow. Fantastic news!!! What an emotional roller coaster ride you two must be on this week. My wife and and are so happy for you. Enjoy the chemo vacation and as always are prayers are with you two. Mike
  • Whopeeee!!!!! Great, great news. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted and take some time for yourself too this summer.

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    Thats the way to go! Congratulations on the good news. Hope you relax and enjoy this bit of a break. Here is hoping for many more good reports.

    Best wishes,

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    Great News!!!! Tell your hubby to enjoy his time off of chemo.
    If he has a port ask them how long he can go without having it flushed since he is not having chemo. I believe 4-6 weeks.
    Great news and your on your way to a cure!!!
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    Great news!

    Great news!

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    Very Old Thread

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