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my mother's Symptoms

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For the first time I am taking an opportunity to write on this site on my mother's case and I would like to request the experienced readers to suggest me or express their views on this matter.

"My mother, is a patient of ovarian cancer, (detected in November 2002) and it was also found that the tumor was in the inoperable state due to ascites and adhisions to other organs. So she was given 3 cycles of chemo. (Cytogem, Carbo-platinum and palsitaxel based) containing two parts each (day 1 and day 8 each) at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai.

After these chemos, she underwent surgery at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, India in Feb 2003 and
after surgery she was given again 6 cycles of chemo (medicine : caelyx)
The last cycle of Caelyx ended on 30th June 2003.
In this entire period she didn't take any alternative medicine.

Now in December 2003 when she had visited Tata Memorial Hospital for routine check up, it was found that CA-125 count is gone upto 54, in March 2004 it increased upto 95 also in her CT Scan two small (approx. 10-15 mm) lymphnodes in the abdominal region. were seen.

Again at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, India she was suggested to undergo another round of chemo.
This time the medicine was Campto. From March 2004 to May 2004 for nine weeks. (3 cycles of 3
injections each) After this she had CT Scan, which shows that the lymphnodes in the abdominal region are present but CA-125 reduced from 95 to 40.

The Doctors have suggested her to undergo the same chemo (Medicine Campto) for further 9 weeks (3 cycles of 3 injections each), today on June 14, 2004.

But I have some doubts like

whether these Lymphnodes are showing really any signs of Malignancy ?

Is it worth to take Chemo now ? or is it useful for her to undergo further chemo ?

How long she has to undergo such treatment ?

What could be long term effects of this Chemo ?

If anyone can comment/ express their views and provide me some information I would be highly obliged.

Thanks and regards

C S Patwardhan
Mumbai, India

Mail me at cspatwardhan@rediffmail.com

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