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I am a 43 yr old female recently diagnosed with stomach cancer

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I have stage 4 stomach cancer and have had two rounds of chemo-three drugs-flourouracil-5fu, Taxotere and Paraplatin. It is planned to have 4-6 months of chemo then surgery and then radiation if needed...anyone out there that has had similar treatments.

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I am a 46 year old female stomach cancer survivor. I had surgery first, then a chemo combo of 5FU, Taxol and Cisplatin, then radiation with 5FU and taxol concurrently. It all worked and I am now cancer free. I have not heard of two people with the same chemo cocktail yet - guess the plans are pretty individualized and they keep coming up with new approaches. Hope that your chemo does have too many nasty side effects yet zaps the cancer! There is a stomach cancer list sponsored by ACOR www.acor.com. There are several hundred participants on the list. You can subscribe by going to the ACOR site. You might find someone else who had the same treatment you are receiving on that list.
Good luck to you.

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3 yrs ago I had 3B stomach cancer, I was 40 yrs old.
They removed the lower portion of my stomach had 5FU w a protein Chemo 6 months and 10 weeks of radiation concurrently. I haven't had one sign of cancer since. I hope all is well

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Hi, my name is Paul, 39, from Hockessin, Delaware. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer (a tumor half the size of my stomach) in June 2003. I went to the University of Texas' M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. It is the number 1 cancer research and treatment centers in the nation and the world. I underwent 6 months of chemo (carboplatin, taxol and 5-fu) from Sept. 2003 to February 2004. By April 2004, the tumor was gone and the cancer that had spread to the liver, transverse colon, diaphragm and adbominal wall is all gone. I was on a J-tube feeding tube from August 2003 to December 2003 but was taken out when I attained a regular weight of 140 pounds. I do exactly what the oncology department told me. Green tea, brocolli, tomatoes, cran-grape juice and almonds every day.

My wife and I can not say enough about M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. There is an oncology department for each organ in the body and a floor for each organ. The center is made up of 12 hospitals, I believe, from cancer treatments for infants to the elderly and even a veterns hospital. Our e-mail is rescue26@msn.com if you want to contact or call us.

Our only other option was Sloan-Kettering in NYC.

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Hi, I am newly diagnosed (routine test to rule out malignancy in order to treat MS) and am seeing an oncologist tomorrow. I hoped to go to MDA but was told today it is not covered w/my insurance. I can go to UAB (Birmingham, AL) or Moffet (Tampa, FL). I want to go out of the area for treatment. Does anyone have recommendations of physicians? Anything that can assist me in making decisions is appreciated. Thx.

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Firstly I suggest you to have a look this webpage www.herbalek.com
If you are intrested, and if you need some more information please send an e-mail. Thx

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Can I ask you how you are doing now? Did you have any surgery? What stage were you? Thanks.

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Hi. My mom was recently diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer (uterine carcinoma sarcoma.) She had a hysterectomy several months ago and now discovered that it spread to her stomach (large tumor), liver, spine, pelvis. I wanted to know what treatment you had : which chemo, how often?.. Thank you, I wish you all the best and I have a tremendous respect for all survivors.

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