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Should I sleep in the bathroom?

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Hello everyone. This is an incredibly inspiring site for me. I was dx'd in Feb. with what turned out to be Stage II about l0 cm in from the opening. I had few probs. with chemo before surgery, but a rough time with radiation, with severe rectal bleeding, etc. Surgery went well 8 weeks ago, now I start chemo scheduled for 3, yes 3 months, of one week on, 3 weeks off. I am having occasional afternoons when I will have as many as 30 bm's. I literally can't move away from the toilet for 2-3 hours. This is followed by 2 or 3 days of almost nothing (it's probably empty), then a build up to the volcano erupting. I was taking Miralax, but have stopped. The doc says this will work out in time, give it a chance, etc. Like everyone else, I am raw and was suffering until I got some Desitin.
I am trying to keep a log of what I eat and when this happens. Has anyone else gone through this, and what did you do to get it stopped?
Thanks to everyone for the mutual support you give.

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I can relate to your question. I have stage 3 rectal cancer and tolerated pre op chemo and rad., but only had 4 out of 12 post op chemo treatments and had diarrhea so bad I ended up in the hospital for a week and on TPN (IV fluids at home for 3 weeks) Both the onc. and surgeon decided the chemo was doing more harm than good and my chemo was stopped. I wish I could have received all the chemo, but it made me too sick. Have they tried giving you tincture of opium? That might help with the diarrhea.

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Hiya John from OZ(Australia) and welcome mate.I was dx,d july 03 with stage 2 and had surgery to remove 1/3 colon.Then chemo--5 days straight/3 weeks off(5fu/leucovorin) for 6 months.I did no pre-op chemo/rads. tho.The part removed in surgery was from the rectum to the transverse colon.
My symptoms were severe rectal bleeding and bad cramps(caused by a partially blocked colon.)
My bm,s were similar to yours and I was assured it was a normal reaction for the bowel to take quite some time to get back to normal--yes--IT WILL! I did suffer some stomach cramps also but was told that after surgery the bowel can go into a phse called "spastic colon"--in effect parts of it literally go to sleep and do not move waste properly--this settles in time.Diarrhea is certainly a common problem as your bowel returns to normal and of course you should relate these problems to your onc./nurses--dehydration can be a really bad result and needs to be supervised John.There is no point in me offerring advice on any meds. as here in oz they go under different brand names.
However, I found that being extremely carefull with what I eat and monitoring any effects from certain foods helped.You must drink heaps of water!!!!
I also found that meals should be taken in small amounts over many sessions---3 "normal" meals a day just did not help me--in fact it made things a whole lot worse.Your diarrhea will sure make the backside burn!!!!!!As well as meds. you can access over there you may like to try warm baths to help with the burning --over here there were medicinal bath preps. I could buy over the counter at pharmacies--check them out at your local.
I really hope you are able to find something to settle your bowels--but believe me--after such a major surgery it will take time to settle--but it will.I suspect that you will continue to have some bm problems while on your next round of chemo, so keep a check on your fluid intake.While on chemo I found dry crackers a benifit to eat.I also drank "flat" ginger beer(I think you call it root beer)Stay away from anything that is dairy orientated--ie; milk, cheese etc.
Fatty foods ie; red meat are out
Keep us informed of your progress John and let us know if you have any further worries.There is a great bunch of people here all waiting to lend support.
Our very best to you ---kanga n Jen

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