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any encouragement will do

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hello all. just feelin a little down. just got off treatment and kinda struggling right now. i just feel sooooo sick. this is my last treatment until the end of the month then i get a pet and a cat to see what is going on. sometimes this is more than i can take. thanx for listening. have a great day everyone.


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Im sorry that you aren't feeling well....I know that nothing I can say will make the physical stuff go away, but I will send you positive vibes and hopes that you will feel much better soon. I know what this crap does to our bodies and our minds...we all need a bit of encouragement from time to time...I wish there was more I could do for you....


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Nettie: I know what you are going through..but you are at the top of the hill-(chemo break) and now you can coast down the hill to the CT/PET, which will no doubt give you good news. Don't forget to drink lotsa water and exercise. Feel better soon, Bud

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Hi Nettie,
I'm sorry for your current struggle. This disease stinks; the line between the chemo helping and chemo making you toxic can be a fine one. Bud has a good point; hopefully you will start feeling better soon as the chemo washes out of your system. Good luck on the CT and PET scans.
I'll also be sending positive thoughts your way.
Despite all the problems, you ARE doing this. We are all pulling for you.
Regards and wishes for better days ahead. Judy

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Hi Nettie:

This is such a rot-got ******* of a disease...don't let it whup you...you kick it's butt, okay. You are at the top of the hill, so be kind to yourself and just coast the rest of the way down. Your upcoming tests I sure will prove good results and it will all be worth it then.


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I hope that you feel better. This is a terrible disease with many twists and turns. I hope that you get good news with your upcoming tests. It does get better. Maureen

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I am emailing you. Hang in there!!!!

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Hi Nettie,
Trust me six and a half years later you won't feel so bad ,I don't,hang tough you'll make it Cheers Ron.

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Nettie-I am so sorry that you are feeling so badly. The bad and good about this disease is in its ups and downs. I hope you recuperate quickly and have great news with your CT and PET at the end of the month.

Take care,


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Hiya Nettie--I think it is pretty normal to feel "down" even tho you are finished with treatment.Apart from your ongoing feelings of sickness there is another side of the equation that many feel emotoinally--I know that I did straight after finishing my chemo.
That emotion--MY opinion anyway--stems from a cronic feeling of in some ways "losing that support net"
Meaning the fact that doing chemo or any treatment for that matter over time gives us a sense of protection and when that treatment stops we emotionally sense that all of that protection has now been taken away.The constant contact with doctors, oncs. nurses etc. in some way helps us to endure the treatments--when we lose that contact we seem to feel "empty"--hard to explain but this was the way I felt for a week or so after ceasing chemo.
I suspect this may effect you Nettie--but then again--it may not be the case.
Of course your sickness is likely to continue for a short while until your body adjusts to its normal functions---lets hope that your recovery will be swift.All tha best for good scan results.
Our love and huggs Nettie--kanga n Jen

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I understand your depression. We've had a few hard knocks recently... Hubby says the way chemo makes him feel is indescribable... I can only imagine how you all manage to keep up the fight, day after day... but the good news (to me) is that you all do keep fighting. So hang in there and enjoy the time off chemo. My hubby always feels better after a week or so off. I will keep you in my prayers and hope for clear scans for you. Keep your chin up :) God Bless...
Sally Jo

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Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your time off from chemo.
Pray that your cat/pets will show up all clear!!!

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I am sorry to hear that you are feeling bummed. Hang in there the worst is past, and as someone said earlier you are "coasting to the PET and CAT". Try to get whatever exercise you can, it really helps. A nice walk will do wonders for you. I am thinking of you and sending big ole chemo's over hugs!
Be Well,

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