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Done with chemo!!!!!

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Hi all,
Today was my last chemotherapy treatment. There was a time when six months sounded like it would never end, but here I am. The chemo went far easier than I had feared, so hang in there to all who are still in treatment.
Now the waiting begins. My onc has said that the first 2 years are the riskiest, and that is a long time to be holding my breath!! I have blood work scheduled in 3 months, and a colonoscopy in Nov, 1 year after my first one. My CEA was not elevated prior to surgery, so my tumor may not have given off markers.
The bad news was a call from my boss this afternoon (talk about bad timing). I have decided to remain on leave til the end of August, (I need thyroid surgery at the end of this month, then 10 days of family vacation). My employer has decided that they can no longer hold my position open, and they were unsuccessful in finding a temp replacement. So....once I'm off disability, it's on to unemployment. After nearly 6 years of working there, I'm disappointed in their decision, but I do feel my health needs to come first.
I'll be busy quietly celebrating the end of chemo, but you may hear some corks popping!

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Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you - now celebrate, I know you are going to be just fine. I am 1 year ahead of you - my chemo ended exactly one year ago today!!! Talk about Karma! I am feeling better each day and the docs have given me much encouragement. My next CT scan is also in November, one year after my previous one.

Take care my friend - stay in touch. I'm listening for the popping corks!


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That is great! I will be glad when I can celebrate as well. I am almost halfway there! Hope you have a great vacation. Keep us posted on your continued progress.

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Congratulations on your completion of chemo. I agree your health comes first.

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I am so happy for you. I know it seems like pins and needles now, but that two years will fly right by in a flash. I have almost two and a half years now(still keep my fingers crossed). I only have to go every six months now and once a year for the colon-extravaganza. I am thrilled to hear that you are celebrating. Sorry to hear that your job is not cooperating with you. I hope you will be able to find something without much trouble. You have to put your health first. Many happy thoughts to you.

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I am almost ashamed to show my face around here as I have been remiss about posting of late. But this demands a public congratulation. Let's hear it for Judy! I am so excited I could pop my cork!
It has been 2 years since my last surgery and 14 months from the last chemo session. The April tests were the first clear labs/scans. They always found some little anomaly to fret about. It took my body a while to settle back down to normal - or what passes for normal in my case.
So when does one start the big countdown? After tumour removal, chemo, clear scans? What? My oncologist did not say. He never does say much. I have to ask the right question before he gives me the benefit of his quite extensive knowledge.
Happyhappyhappy...And tell your FORMER BOSS to kiss my mutilated Assp!

Anonymous user (not verified)

Way to go Judy!!!! I am thrilled for you...truly I am. Bert's done too!!! Let's make it a big party!


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Congrats!!!!!!! Enjoy your summer!!!!!!!!! Screw the Job!!!!!!! Remember work is only a second part of your life. You come first!

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Hy Judy--great to hear--now yu gunna come sit next to kanga in the "survivors room??"
Am very happy for you sweetie.
As far as your work is concerned--a real shame--I have a contract here with a "major" company which my son does(he works for me)They were aware of my cancer and never once rang to see of my progress--really gets the blood boiling!!
Have a great summer!!!
luv n huggs , kanga n Jen

PS--hiya Aspaysia!!!!!!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Gosh, that does call for celebrating. I know you're glad it's behind you, and I am very happy for you. Best of luck on your thyroid surgery.

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Hi Judy,

Congratulations!!! I am definitely popping a cork for you!!! I have 18 more treatments to go and I know that for me, the six months (which will end in Nov.) does seem like a lifetime, but reading about people ending the chemo and getting back on with the business of living is sooooo encouraging to me and other newbies to this stuff.

I am sending you all my positive vibes that you will never have to face anything like this again in your life. None of us should....but we are strong survivors.

All the best,


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Judy,Congratulations on your completion of chemo. What great news. I hope you continue to have good news. Maureen

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