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Hi Everyone

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It has been three long weeks since I have written and got to read the posts. I have to admit I miss you guys when I am not checking in! I finally got a normal on all my liver panels and CEA, but the gastro dr wanted to check me with an ultrasound. They did and found I have gall stones..the good news is that the bile duct appears to be normal, so now I wait on the dr to decide what to do about that. It will be 9 months since my surgery at the end of this month. I cannot begin to even describe how my life has changed...and not all in a bad way. I see things in a different light now, and I am sure that you all understand what I am saying. I go back to the oncologist in September for blood work, almost the year anniversary, colonoscomy in October and not sure what else in between. I just wanted to update you all and tell you how much I appreciate this site.
Thanks and God Bless

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Hi Franny,
CONGRATS on the good news about the bloodwork and CEA. Today was my LAST chemo treament, so now I get to join you all in the "recovery room", with my repeat colonoscopy set for November. Do you feel like you are holding your breath with each test?
Enjoy the good results, Judy

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Yes I definitely feel like I am holding my breath with ever test, every time. From what everyone has told me this is normal. I try not to dwell on it though..but it is always such a relief to hear the words "normal" and "unremarkable" which means WONDERFUL and PRAISE GOD to me!

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Hi Franny,
Great news! It is always so good to hear that things are fine. It is funny how things that make others get their knickers in a twist (gall stones hemmorhoids) don't bother us much at all. They told me after my last colonoscopy that I had hemmorhoids and diverticulosis. Who knew?! Hang in there!,

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