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to Cable--Randy

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Hiya Randy--sorry--I saw your post a coupla days back.I am a bit slow to post on a lot of topics--the time difference 'tween OZ and the USA is prime suspect.
I was very pleased to see your reply in that post and noticed your great attitude to your cancer.There is always hope Randy!!!!!
I have not spoken to you before but welcome you and hope you will continue to keep us updated on your progress.You will find all here very supportive.
All the best from kanga and Jen, "down under"

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thanks for your reply, my very first cc internet contact.

I notice as I look around that there are alot of healthy attitudes but some people are just plain terrified. My case gets to be called rare and the Drs. aren't too sure what to do. But I figure my job now is to spread the love, being scared is no way to live.

I just hope I can help anybody to feel stronger and help to kick this nasty monster right in A**!

thank-you, and goodnight


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Randy- Sorry I have been a bit slow to read posts the last few days. I also was diagnosed with "seeding" of my abdomen from a rectal carcinoma 9/02. It is called peritoneal metastasis, or peritoneal carcinomatosis. The peritoneum is a paper thin layer of tissue that covers the inside wall of your abdomen and then continues to cover the intestines.

They gave me oxaliplatin/5-FU for 3 mths after they found this. Then I decided to go back for a controversial surgery to try to remove the residual nodules as well as my primary tumor. This was followed by them pouring heated chemotherapy drugs into my abdomen at the end of the surgery. The technique has been criticized by many as having too high a complication rate to justify it's use, but in selected cases where there are no other sites of metastasis, it can be curative. I was 46 and figured it was worth a shot. Yes it was major, but I got out of the hospital in 2 1/2 wks having had no complications.

I have since had recurrance to my liver and some lymph nodes. So far these have been controlled with chemotherapy. Now there are additional drugs to help out that were not available when I was diagnosed. So keep up the spirit.

Best wishes,


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You are very welcome Randy--come along anytime--I am sure that you will receive many responses.I guess that the positive attitudes you see here are some way of us all trying to do just that--be positive.I think that all of us can honestly justify being very scared for our futures, me included.There are many who have beaten this horrible thing but they too are well aware that none of us really feel secure about a 100% cure.
That is not to say it is not possible--a friend of mine has been in remission for 18 years following bowel surgery(he has a colostomy), and he freely admits that he still lives with some fear.

Kris--am sorry to hear that you have to deal with re-occurance and both Jen and I send our love to both of you.

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