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Grandma 047(Judy)-update

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Latest news from Stacey follows;
Judy still has problems with infections.She has been on blood thinners to thin out the clot on her lung.They took out her catheter but had to replace it again.A urologist is going to do a tests on her bladder etc. and it may be that she has to have a permanent catheter.
Things have gone full circle as her blood is now too thin and they are trying to correct that.Judy is still unable to eat due to the ongoing infections.Stacey asks you all to continue your prayers for Judy and is extremely thankfull for all your support.

A word from Ross aka kanga
I am sure that we all are waiting for some better news in the future--even tho I have never met Judy or Stacey I REALLY feel they are a part of our lives.I am truly saddened when I see that she is having so many problems.I know there are many here in similar circumstances--I just cannot put into words just how I feel--and if I could vent just a little?It is very hard to explain it--but when I was away, Jen was keeping watch for Stacy's posts and phoned me the details.
I TRULY CRIED--even have the odd tear writing this--and I have never met JUDY!!!!!!
Sorry guys--to become emotional for a friend one has never met is so stange but please understand that I am very sincere in my feelings for Judy.That is not to say I have no feelings for anyone else on this disc. board--I truly do!
I guess that being in touch with Stacy has gone to the heart.
Please continue to pray for our friend--I look forward to having Judy back with us as soon as possible.
Kinda got carried away here--I just wanted to explain how I feel--I look for word on Judy every day.
huggs to all--kanga n Jen

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Kanga and Jen, it is not at all unusual to feel concern or be saddened by news of our "friends" not doing so well. I for one have adopted this entire group as my extended family...some of whom have been more helpful, kind, and considerate that "physical" friends and family members that surround me. I guess the old saying of "it takes one to know one" sort of applies here. In one form or another, we are all in the same boat and only those in that boat can truly relate. Give our love to Judy and her daughter and let them know that they all continue to be in our prayers!!!! I hope HE's listening....Please let the cure be out there!

Monika & Bert

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Hi Kanga,
I am so saddened to hear about Judy and all she has been through; what a fighter; let her and Stacey know that they are in our prayers.
I completely understand what you are experiencing. This disease is such an emotional roller coaster for all of us, and to hear that someone we know and care about is not doing well affects us all. We all try to be upbeat, but some of us face truly dark times.
Thank you so much for keeping up with her condition; I'll be praying for continued progress. Regards, Judy

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Hi Kanga

I also have been very saddened and upset at what Judy has been through. Although I feel for everyone here, her spirit came through in her posts, and I was always eager to hear from her.

She and Stacy continue to be in my thoughts and prayers that she has some turn around in her condition soon.


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Thank You Kangatoo for keeping us updated on Judy's condition. Our prayers are still with her.

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Gosh, I am so sorry to hear that Judy is still having such a difficult time. She will remain in my thoughts and prayers.


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