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ATTENTION Please Read! Thanks!!

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I posted on the CSN Administration a topic on the young single cancer survivors and I would appreciate those of you who are interested in that and have voiced an opinion on wanting that topic for a discussion board to please go ahead and go to the CSN Administraion board (the one to discuss the site) and respond to it to show ur support so please go ahead and respond to my topic on that board if u are interested in CSN having another board dedicated to Young single cancer survivors and relationships. So take a minute and help us out to get somethin we can all bennifit from!!!!!

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No Problem....I definitely will!!!!

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Joined: May 2003

Hi Kristin,
You have my vote!

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i deffinately agree that there should be a young cancer survivor area

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Hey Kristin, Great idea!

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I'm in, you can count on me

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