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Hubby's Scans

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Hi all, just a quick note to let you all know Scott's PET and CT scans just came back. He is DISEASE FREE!!! Thank you all for your prayers and support. We will continue to pray for you.


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Wonderful, wonderful news. I just love reading these kind of posts....I think we all do. Keep on providing encouragement and hope that we all can do it!!!! Thanks for sharing.


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Yippeee!! I'll tell you I love to hear those words. Congrats! You and your hubby should go out and celebrate. My husband is getting a one month reprieve from his chemo and we are looking forward to celebrating this month. My best to you and Scott! I will pray for continued blessings.

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Great news! Glad to hear that the chemo worked for him. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week-end.

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Hey Linda!!!!!!!!!!what a great bit of news--something we all need to hear now and then.
Got a nice comfy chair in tha survivors room for Scott--see yah there!!!!!!!
Fondest regards with love--kanga n Jen

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What great news! Congratulations. Go celebrate.

Best wishes for many many more great reports.


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