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pet and ct scans tomorrow...

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Hi all, hope everyone is feeling well and enjoyed their holiday weekend. I am posting for prayers as tomorrow my hubby goes to Hopkins for PET and CT scans to see if the chemo has done anything to shrink his liver met. He has only had 5 treatments so far with alot of side effects. He had to skip one because of low platelets, but they bounced back nicely. He really does not want liver surgery or any more chemo...I don't blame him, but I really want him to stick around, ya know??? I am at a loss and hoping for the best for tomorrow... Prayers go out to all of you...

Sally Jo

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Hi Sally Jo,
and prayers right back to you and hubby. Keep us posted. I just got good news that my sister in law, who has been fighting breast cancer for 3 years, with bone mets, has had her tumors shrink for the first time with her current regimen. Let's hope for more of the same! Regards, Judy

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I will pray that your husband hears good news. i will be having a pet scan on thursday.

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Sallyjoy, My prayers are with you and your husband. I hope you have great news to report to us soon.

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Sally praying for you and hubby... let me know when his surgery date is would love to drive up and and meet ya

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Hi Sally Jo, I know what you're feeling. My hubby had his PET and CT last week and we go for the results tomorrow and are scared. He is Stage IV colon with mets to lymph nodes & omentum. He has been doing chemo for 4 mos. We are praying the chemo is working. You & your hubby will be included in our prayers. Hope all goes well. Prayers to all!


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Hi Sally Jo:

Oh how well I, and I think we all know what you are feeling. By the time you read this, test will have been done and I pray that the results will be good news....nothing can give you more of a boost and a surge of happiness.


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My hopes and prayers for no more mets... Bud

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Sorry I am late posting so I guess by now you have some results--we only trust that the news is good and send our love.
kanga n Jen

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Thanks for all your prayers and support, but I fear we are awaiting bad news, the dr's sec. said something showeed up on the scans but would not tell me what it was or where it is. waiting on word from the dr... pleae keep praying....thanks

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I wonder if people realize how anxious we are when awaiting test results?? To be told that something showed up but the doctor is not around to explain it to you! We were very anxious about my husband's CT scan results even though he appeared to be doing so well. Now we learn that he has 2 nodules in the liver and he has to get them removed and possibly more chemo. This battle is so hard! It is like a rollercoaster but a friend told me today to treat it like a chronic illness so that you are always prepared for the down times and deal with them. Hope your results are not bad at all.

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