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I just discovered an Alaskan semi-colon on this site;was just wondering how many other Alaska semi-colons/survivors there are lurking out there, and if there is any interest in forming a cyber support group dealing with issues specific to Alaskan survivors? Bud

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Hi again, Would that be me you are referring to?? Lol!
Indeed, there are many issues facing us here in Alaska, such as being far away from many of our friends and family, having to drive great distances for treatment/doctor visits (although we have a CT scanner in Seward now!!), and feeling like our doctors are swamped, etc. Is there anyone else out there living here in Alaska, I also would be curious to find out!

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Hey Bud!!--how yah doin mate?Not a bad suggestion Bud--I spent some time here in OZ looking for a few people close by that I could chat and relate to--really helps-I guess that in Alaska the vastness of tha territory has its restrictions.
Hey, good to here from you too Sue--hope yu are well.
Am goin away for a coupla days here so will catch yu all on the flipside.Just wanted to say hi guys!
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Susan: hope you are enjoying this weather..it's
bringing my family out of the woodwork..they are all "booking" me for visits.
See excerpt from your website below; is this Dr. in Alaska? Emily has me thinking hard about alternatives, and my break from chemo will be over soon..I'm exploring all possibilities.

"I guess one positive thing is that I have consulted a naturopathic doctor who specializes in adjunctive oncology. I have always been interested in medicinal plants (being a Forest Biology major). Another thing is that I feel like I lead a healthier lifestyle now and take care of myself more than I did before."
Peace, Bud

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