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Stage III Question

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Here's my story:
It has already been over four month since we discovered that my dad has colon cancer. He was operated on March 24, 2004. They removed the tumor, but after the pathology test, the doctors were able to tell us, that the cancer spread to his lymph nodes. I was devastated when my mom and I got the results. After the initial shock, I realized that there is still hope, there is always that little chance of a miracle happening. I do believe that only god knows what will happen, and when and how this story will end, but I am not ready to close this book. I have learned from all this, that there is just one word you can count on in situations like this, and that word is HOPE because without it you have nothing. I pray to god every night that my dad will have a full recovery, because he means the world to me and my family. The thought of not having him around to celebrate special occasions or the simple fact of not hearing his voice on the phone brings tears to my eyes. I try to be strong for everyone, but I honestly do not know what I will do without my dad, life will not be the same, a part of me will always be missing. My daughter who is 1 ½ loves her grandfather so much; the joy he brings to her life is indescribable. I am trying to be strong for my family, I honestly do not know where I am I finding the strength to do so, but I do believe I have become a stronger person. Normally, I would not be able to deal with situations like this, but the fact that I have changes everything. I do know that might not be enough to save my dad’s life, but for now, it is all I have to go on.

Here's my question: My dad as had problems urinating since his Colon Cancer operation (Colostomy) back in March.

He's meeting with an urologist on the 19th of July. His family doctor said it might be a stones or his prostate. I am just hoping that the cancer has not spread to his prostate.

Even since he had the operation he has had this problem, I am scared that it's starting to spread as he had 11 out of 20 lymph nodes come back positive. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a million
Julie B.

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Yes, there ceratinly is hope and you will find many Stage 111 survivors on this site. My husband was diagnosed very similarly to your father....11 out of 18 nodes involved. He is to have a scan and blood tests to see if the chemo and radiotherapy did the trick...we are just hoping and praying that it did.

My husband also had urinary problems after surgery and recently had a very successful TURP operation. He had a catheter in for nearly a year because of the prostate taking over after the bowel surgery...even though they are two separate systems, one can upset the other. So do not worry too much until you know what the reason is. It does not necessarily mean that the cancer has spread. I assume he is getting chemotherapy and possibly radiotherapy? Keep the faith!

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Keep the faith Amy... my hubby is a 11 year survivor of stage 3... not that its been a easy road hes recurred.. 3 more time... again this last spring but hes still here and very much alive

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Hey Julie--don't go jumpin tha gun--yah hear--this crazy disease is here to be beaten.If Tessy's
(hiya Tess) hubby can do it am sure your dad will as well.This is not a death sentence!
There are many here that prove faith and hope and the wonders of modern medicine can help us overcome this disease.I am a "survivor" in rem. now for 4 months--I keep tellin my lovely wife, Jen that this is here to test our faith/love and will to go on.
You are without doubt not alone in your fears and nothing anyone can say will change that---your love for your dad WILL keep you strong.
Our very best and huggs from OZ--kanga n Jen

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Hi Julie, my husband Bert was diagnosed last year stage III, four nodes positive. Surgery was done to remove the tumor and he's been on chemo for almost one full year...ending next week. So far, so very, very good, and we plan to do everything possible to keep it that way. There are many, many stage III survivors on this site....long term. Some have had other hurdles to jump along the way, some not, but they are all still here. Stage III is still considered very curable...45-65% with surgery & chemo. In cancer numbers, those are very high odds, so don't go jumping the gun (as Kanga...hi sweetie) so rightly put it. You and your dad may be in this for the long haul but from a fellow caregiver's point of view, I'd rather be in this for the long haul than no haul.

And yes, it's amazing where the strength comes from, but it does. I have two cancer patients...my mom, lung cancer, and my hubby, colon. There are days when I think I just can't anymore, but I can and I do and believe me, so will you. Come to this board often and post...even if it's just to vent. You'll feel so much better afterward and you will find unconditional support and friendship.

Take care.


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Hi Julie,

I am a stage 3 survivor. (1 1/2 yrs) I have been off chemo for a year now and feel great. It is not an easy road and the support of family and friends means so very much in the healing and recovery process. There are a lot of us Stage 3 folks out here who are doing fine and getting on with life. Hang in there. With the new meds out your Dad has a very good chance of a long life. Come here to this site whenever you or your dad need a lift, a prayer or to vent. We are here for you.


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Hi Julie,

I, too, am a stage 3 survivor who has just completed chemo, and I plan on living a long and healthy life. Yes, there will be bumps along the road, but they aren't so big that your dad can't handle them. Please know that you have support, love, and understanding in this wonderful group. Our prayers are with you and your dad. Please keep us posted.



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