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Julie - thinking of you !

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I just wanted to post a message to "littlejulie" to let her know that I will be thinking of her family this upcoming week for her mom's surgery. (Julie - I will try and give you a call to make sure you are doing ok !!) Your family will be in my prayers and I am sure the prayers of many other people on this website.

I think everything is going to go great! Just a quick update on my mom - we thought we were never going to see her back to her normal self but she is feeling fabulous. After three surgeries (two recurrences) and chemo, she still looks fantastic and was dancing away on Saturday at a family wedding and is getting ready to go on a vacation with my dad.

Stay strong and positive during this time,

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Julie,

Like Venessa I also wanted to let you know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers on Thursday July 8. It's been along 4 month's since your Mom( Mary ) has been diagnosed. I know it's been hard on you physically & mentally but it will soon be all in the past. Please know with each day things do get better from here on in.

Your a wonderful caring daughter " Julie " and your Mom must be so proud of you...

Always Your Friend,

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thanks vanessa! I know you'll think of me & my family on thursday. i'll need all the positive energy i can get. talking with people who have been through this has been such a great help - thanks.

I'm SO HAPPY to hear how well your mom is doing. I can't wait for those days :)


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Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, what else can I say besides THANK U! THANK U! THANK U! you've been so great to me. I'll call you to let you know how well the surgery went.

thanks for everything. you've been my angel in the past 4 months. honestly, i don't know how i would have done it without you.


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Hey Jules--give yah mum a big hugg from kanga n Jen--we got a spare chair here in the "survivors room" just set aside for her!!!!!
All our very best to her on the 8th--will be thinking of you guys.
luv--kanga n Jen

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thanks Kanga n Jen. Maybe my mother will visit the csn one day soon : )

Anonymous user (not verified)

Julie, on July 8th, it will be exactly one year since my husband's diagnosis and I will be in deep thought that day, which will most definitely include your mom and prayers for her as well as your family. She'll be just fine and she can then join Kanga and a host of others, including my Bert, in the survivor room. Anyone who goes through the ups and downs of this disease is a survivor in my minds eye and a true warrior.


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Hi Julie,

Two more days to go and all of this long waiting will be over for your mom and you. Our prayers will be with you both. Here's hoping that your mom's recovery will be quick and easy. Let us hear from you.



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Julie, I know that this is a difficult time for you and your mom. You will both look back at this and wonder how you got through it. You will get through this. Good luck to your mom with her surgery. I will be thinking of you both on the 8th. If there is anything i can do to help you through this, just let me know. Maureen

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Julie so happy everthing went well ((((((((((hugz))))))))))))) for you and your mom

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