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I got my results from my cone biopsy and the cancer is beyond the borders so I will be getting a hysterectomy on July 12, 2004.


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Hi jen, my name is kelly. I just got over stage 3 cervical. had a radical hysterectomy. CA found in 2 lymphnodes. No cancer now and I feel great.

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Hi There ,Hope you are over your op now and with the help of God soon you will feel better in yourself

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Hope surgery went well. I had a radical hysterectomy with lymphandectomy 1 year ago, 1 out of 31 lymph nodes had cancer. Things went well for me I pray they go as well for you god bless.

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There is a cancerbelt designed for your cervical cancer. It is to be used after your surgery for the abdominal pain you will suffer from. This belt fit between the pelvic and the abdomen. It will enable you to walk, sit up or lay down comfortably. This belt can be worn on top of the clothes or underneath. It is innerlined with sheepskin. This belt has elastic going around at the back for the back pain. This belt has string going through on both sides to hold everything in place that juggles. You can tighten it and adjust it as you like. Please log onto www.Cancerbelt.com for more information. Cancerbelt has a 30 day money back guarantee. You can order by phone at 901-382-9994.

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