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It's been a year since my surgery

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It has been one year since I had surgery to remove my stage 3 rectal tumor. {2 out of 12 nodes positive.} I have had a terrible year and was just discharged from the hospital last Friday after a small bowel obstruction because of adhesions that I have from the radiation. Thas was the SIXTH time that I was hospitalized in the last year. As of now all my Cat scans show no evidence of the cancer. I will have a pet scan next week as a one year follow up. I have been a nurse for over 25 years and nothing could have prepared me for what I had to go through. I am back to work full time. I was lucky to have great support from my husband, family and friends to help me through the past year. I am telling my story again, especially for the new comers that are just starting down this terrible journey. IT DOES GET BETTER. Just hang in there, you will get through this.
I hope to make a web page soon, I will let you know when it is done.

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Hiya from OZ--well--it just has to get even better!!!!!
Lovely thought to come here and tell us the good news.As a nurse you no doubt know just how much that means to all of us.I am in rem. now for the past 4 months and look forward to telling all here the same good news on my anniversay!
Thank you and all tha best from kanga n Jen

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It sure sounds like a tough year; hope that this hospitalization took care of the problem. Great news that the CT scans show NED, and best of luck with the PET scan next week. You sure must be a fighter! And back to work full time? Hang in there. Judy

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Wonderful news and I'm sure worth the not so good days in the year that has just past. It can only get better and to be NED is the best news out there. Bert is right behind you....while it has been a year of ups and downs for him as well (and me too), he's here now with NED, and I am joyous and grateful, as is he.



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Hi moesimo, and CONGRATULATIONS!

You certainly have been on one heck of a ride, and we all understand. I am glad you take the time to let everyone know that there ARE success stories, and how important it is for everyone to know about them.

Keep up the good work, and enjoy your summer...



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