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Does anyone know when its ok to start drinking after chemotherapy? I know that the drugs are in your system for awhile afterwards and I don't know if alcohol makes the drugs lose their effectiveness.

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I'd say the best thing that you can do is talk to your doctor. I was on a year of Interferon and my doc said that it was ok to drink, even while on it (not in large quantities of course). If you're doctor says it's ok, maybe just try it out with a little bit at first to see if it affects you more than it should. Other than that, I don't know what to tell ya.

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Once I finished chemo (ABVD) and radiation the first thing I wanted was a drink actually I wanted to get drunk, unfortunatly the radiation caused my throat to become very sore and I didn't have that first drink until 3 weeks later. My doc did tell me it was ok to have a drink 2 weeks after I finished my chemo, however I don't think he wanted me to go out partying-not until after the radiation anyway. I definatly suggest asking your doc just to be on the safe side but if your done with treatment and feeling good-you deserve a drink!

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Ethanol-Drinking alcahol, IS a poison. Being drunk is your body panicking and racing under stress to rid your body of what seeks to kill it. It's never safe to drink; and why poison yourself more after chemotherapy?

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