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Hey everyone

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Well as many of you know or dont know by now My name is Kristin and I am a 23 yr old Lung cancer survivor.... 1 yr and 2 months cancer free... I have been havin problems lately just with life. I am trying to finish college and tonight is the last test of my summer classes to which I thank God its almost over. I have 4 classes left and stressing because I have no been able to work and not making it by I am not used to bein in debt and if I need money I have to ask my parents and they have never been willing to fork over money on me. Thats why I payed for college and worked since I was 15. Its just every month when I get my credit card bill and the only money I get to help is a check for the min payment on it from my mom is stressfull. Its just I feel like I am in a position that I feel that like those 2 times my age deal with and not those who are young. I am not used to worrying about things I cant fix myself right now. I have no life because all the things my friends and I did for fun I cant afford let alone all the fun things that didnt cost I thing I cant do because of the nerve damage in my left leg. The difference is I found other things to do and I am happy but I justhate dealing with finances that I have to debate if I need to try getting a job that I know I prolly wont be able to do.I guess it gets to me because I managed to get this far and have 4 classes left and was able to get through everything and get back to school and my doctors told me it was school or nothing because if I work I risk hurting myself more... and I got denied from disability because my foot showed more then a 25% improvement I guess..... I just dont know if anyone is in a situation I am..... or knows how I feel.....

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Hi Kristin,
No doubt about it.... this is a rough time for you. Try not to give up. Just try to take each day at a time and do what you can. About disability, I would continue appealing for $$ aide. Many people are refused once, or twice before getting help. I'll see you in chat, ok. ((((hugs))))
-Michael :)

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Hi Kristin, I have to say i dont know how you feel but i can relate, my dad has lung cancer and now has nerve damage in his hands and feet dont know if that will go away but he's still here, How are you doing are you finished with treatment! hope all is well

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