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Matthew - again!

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just wanted to let you all know what's been going on since you've been so supportive and fantastic. Matthew was actually readmitted to the hospital today - docs were shocked how poorly he is doing and he had to go in - really dehydrated (we had a horrendous night last night) - grade 2 sores in a 34-year old - beyond exhausted - big weight drop (as you know) and continuing to lost a couple pounds a day. the problem is that his ileostomy has never worked properly. CT scan today didn't show an abscess or major blockage. scanning anastoma (where colon connected to anus) to see if it's healed up enough to reverse the ileostomy - so may be doing another surgery not long after the first one! needless to say, i'm shocked to find him back in the hospital so soon and am about to keel over from exhaustion myself. he's doing better tonight with the IV and with morphine so a friend is staying over at the hospital while i am home w/our daughter. here's hoping i sleep a few hours. thanks again for all of your kind words, thoughts, and support. talk about the kindness of strangers.

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I just finished a reply to your last post when I see this new one. I am so sorry to hear the rough time you and Matthew have been having. Dehydration and pain can make things even worse. I am so glad to hear that these are being addressed and hopefully he will be feeling better shortly.

I would suggest asking lots of questions about having a plan getting him stabilized and supported with fluids and nutrition both before going in for more surgery as well as afterwards to reduce the risk of additional complications, since he has so little reserve.

Also you might want to talk with a social worker at the hospital. They often know of lots of resources and suggestions to help ease the burden of all this. You have a very full plate having been struggling to care for him as well as caring for your daughter. You need a bit of support in helping to care for him so that you can get some rest too.

Take care, my thoughts and prayers are with you both, hoping that they can get these problems turned around for the better soon.


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Hey--I agree with Kris--sounds like yu really need a bit of a break!Yu have so much to think about that it is really going to exhaust yu.I sought out a councillor to help both me and Jen--really worthwhile to have someone impartial to talk to.
We are really sorry that Mathew is having a hard time--I was a bit that way myself straight after surgery--ICU's aren't the best place for a hubby to be--It really worried the heck outa Jen.
Give Mathew our very best--he is in good hands.
luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

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Hi! I had a history of rectal cancer with a very similar pathway as that of your husband. The preoperative chemoradiation eradicated all of the cancer cells. However, my post surgery time was not an easy one either. I did not have a temporary ileostomy, and was lucky that they could reconnect my plumbing. However, I did have occasional blockages for several weeks after the surgery which put me back in the hospital on at least one occasion for CT scans, etc. I lived on Cream of Wheat for a week after that! I weigh 172 lbs. normally, and was down to 138 at my low point, mostly because I just could not eat. However, that time does pass, and your body adjusts to the trauma. I am happy to hear that your husband is in the hospital...he needs the rest and attention. I'll bet that he's out in a few days, and that things will go much smoother. remember, they connected me right away, so maybe reversing that ileostomy is a good thing! I am 41, and my cancer episode is now more than 5 years ago...I have remained cancer free, as do most rectal cancer patients who have a complete responsee to preoperative chemoradiation. Get through this tough part, and I know it is, and life is awaiting you guys. Good Luck! P.S....I just ran a 10-K the other day and averaged 7 minutes a mile...almost as fast as pre-cancer...even though I'm 5 years older!

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Keep hanging in there...it will all work out even if it doesn't seem that way right now. I remember last October when I had to admit Bert to the hospital because of a severe colon infection that he got, aggravated by the chemo. I thought as I watched him that if I don't loose him to cancer, I will loose him to chemo. NOT!!!! After a few days in the hospital under careful observation and medication aimed at fighting his infection and restoring his way off kilter electrolites, he was much better and it has been up hill ever since.

I will be keeping you and Matthew in my prayers.


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Hello Again!!! Hang in there!!!! I agree with everyone of the reply's!!! I'm glad that you were able to get some rest!!! It is very important!!! You will help Matt in the long run him knowing that you are getting some rest!! I felt the same way and my husband was worring about me. Once he saw that I was resting it helped him relax. Please give my best to your husband and both of you hang in there the sun will be shinning soon. If you every need to talk please email. Keeping all of you in my prayers!!! Sue

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