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Singles Survivors Section

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I am so tired of paying $2.99 for the first minute and $1.00 each additional minute plus long distance just so I can date..."Mocha Muffins".... What The!!?!?!?!... Was THAT out loud!?!?!.... hehe... just kidding!!... but seriously.. so far it looks like there are a few of us that would like a discussion section on single life and survivorship. Even tho only a few of you have responded, I am guessing there are many more that feel good about the idea. So... here is my plan... I would like to ask you to continue posting your thoughts.. AND... contact Jose the CSN guy. He takes care of that stuff. Just click on the link on the left of the screen that says "Give Us Your Comments". Tell him how you feel. Let him know it isnt a dating service but a chance for all of us to vent our frusterations, concerns, questions, hopes...etc.... JUST LIKE all the other sections. I truly believe, and sounds like many of you do as well, that this is an area of our lives that has been overlooked. So, God bless to all of you! Keep on Keepin' on! and lets see if we cant all get the ball rolling. I will send Jose my comments after I type this post. Take care, y'all! ((((HUGS!!))))
>>> Single male seeking single female... preferably in her mid to late 90's.... never married.... no kids... no relatives... no friends... no pets.... no charities.... desperately lonely.... ultra wealthy.... no games please... just seeking true love...... What The!?!?!.... Was THAT out loud!?!?... Again??!! hehe.... juuuuust kidding :)

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Maybe we can change it from singles survivors section to young survivors and relationships or something like that...so maybe it wont sound like a dating service.

I feel silly that I havnt come to this place earlier. I'm 24, its been 6 years since I've had any chemo, and I'm barely acknowledging how this whole experience has influenced my life (I know, better late then never, buuuuttt...) I'm more concerned about how it has influenced my ability to have relationships not only intimately, but with old and new friends as well. I guess it starts with how I've felt so alone, misunderstood and singled out for quite some time. I read the replies posted on michaels first post about the single survivor section and I couldnt believe there were people on there describing things I've experienced and have felt or feel. I can definitly relate to the same issues brought forth in the replies...the fears in relationships and feeling that lust for life.

I think many others, besides myself, who are seeking relationship answers or advice for young cancer survivors, would greatly benefit being able to talk to other young survivors.

Michael, you are truely an angel and inspiration and I totally back you up. :-) Well, for the young singles survivor section...not the $2.99 a min thing, nor the over 90's personal ad. You may need to seek professional help for those odd outbursts. :-P

Talk to you soon!
Tu amiga,

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I'm all for the single suvivorship. Its a great thing in common when having a relationship. do your best!!!

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