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Rupture of mass upon removal

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Does anyone know if having a cancerous mass rupture upon surgical removal ups the risk of having a recurrence? I am about two years out from my original dx, with no recurrence. Did six rounds of taxol/carbo after surgery. Thanks for any info available. Kate Beckman

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Hi Jemakri. I had stage i- c cancer as well. The Doc's. have told me i will have six round of chem with the same drugs as you. They have told me with the chem, my 5 year chance of living was 80%. Hope this make you feel better.

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Hi --
I was stage 1c ovarian and 1a uterin - I was told that even with the rupture that my response to the taxol/carboplatin (CA125 down to 3 from 114) that my 5 year survival rate was approximately 90%. My doctor told me the biggest indicator of success is how quickly the taxol/carbo effects the CA125 count ....I don't know how true that is or if it is backed by any studies but I cling to that piece of information like a talisman! ha.
Best of luck to you -
Lynn in RI

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