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clean out time, Yuck!

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Hi everyone,
Thank You for all your support and answers to my questions about surgery. I have decided to have faith in my surgeon and let him do his job. My goal is to be cancer free and home as soon as possible.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I begin the clean out. I almost think that the anticipation of drinking nasty stuff and spending the day in the bathroom is worse than the anticipation of surgery. Yuck! The whole thing sucks! You'd think that with all the new advances that have been made for treating cancer, there would be a better and easier way to clean everything out!

Thanks in advance for letting me vent.

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Hi Jamie,
I hear you about the clean out...both the phospho soda and the Go LIghtly make me hurl, so I get to go from both ends...how charming. I'm already dreading my next colonscopy soley because of the prep.
Best of luck to you with the surgery; be sure to listen to your body after and get all the rest you need! You'll be in my prayers, Judy

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Hey Jamie---nope--it ain't pretty--I too did the hurling trick and the rear end burnt so bad I wanted to hop in tha bath!Trouble was thats not the place to be with the rear end like niagara falls.
AW--it just isn't christmas is it Jamie--I too hate tha horrid stuff.I mixed it in with lemon cordial to help cover tha taste of it.
BTW---seeing as we are upside down over here in OZ I was wonderin if it goes thru yu guys in tha states quicker???
Sorry Jamie--really no laughing matter--just thought a bit of humour might make yah feel a bit better.We will be thinking of yah--specially me Jamie as I have done the "clean out" 5 times--and dread it every time!
Sendin our luv and huggs Jamie--yu'll be right!!!
kanga n Jen

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Hear what you are saying. Ain't it great.

Last time I had to do the total clean out, I finally got all the Go-Litely down, cleaned out and was rolled down for a 6:30am surgery. Woke up at 10:30 (thinking it was night, but it was actually the morning) and was told my surgeon called off the surgery with me on the table (it was the right thing to do). Talk about adding insult to injury.

On the upside, that same surgical oncologist says I now only need to have monitoring CTs every 6 months rather than every 3. Half the barium to drink!!!!!


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