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Phase I II III trials/surgery

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I am getting conflicting information about whether
patients in my situation are candidates for
surgery of bilateral lung mets-(rectal cancer).
I am down to 5 mets out of an original 20+, and trying to decide whether to go back on chemo in the fall, or opt for surgery and/or a phase 1-2 or
3 trial.
Is there anyone out there with a similar diagnosis
who is in a trial or having/had surgery? Bud

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Hi Bud,
Sorry I have no pertinent info for you, but I did want to offer cheers for your great response to the chemo; having 15 spots go is great! Hope you are tolerating this chemo better now, and I hope there are others here who have some info.
Hang in there, Judy

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Can't help yu on that one Bud but yu know we are both here to pass on a word or shoulder to lean on mate.
Your family of friends--luv kanga n Jen

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