Opinion on scans

Moonstar Member Posts: 4
Im set to be scanned within the next few weeks for my 6 month check and I havent been scanned since Feb. - during radiation. My doctor is ordering a CAT to be done and I was just wondering if this is commen b/c I received a PET during staging and havent had one since. Are CAT scans efficient enough to detect without the help of PET? Im just wanting some feedback as to whether or not other survivors receive CATs on their check-ups rather then PETs? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


  • pickles123
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    The way I understand it, as you get further along they only do CAT. A CAT will see if there are any suspicious lumps. If there are, then a PET can tell if they are cancerous. I do a CT/PET scan but I haven't reached six months yet.
  • Heatherjb
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    I only had PET scans when I was having treatment. My understanding is that for follow up visits, they only do CT scans unless something looks suspicious. I have been cancer free for 21 months and have only had CT scans every 3 months for the last 18 months.
    Hope this helps. I know every doctor is different.
  • stepet
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    I had a PETscan right after treatment to see if it had changed. Then due to "activity" I had follow up CTscans every three months, and another PET after six months. I think it depends on the situation.
  • dpomroy
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    When I first started cancer treatment in Aug. 2000 my doc only used CT. She was unfamiliar with PET scans. Then she started using both and comparing the two for hot spots. My docs have used both ever since. I expect to have both once a year for the rest of my life.
  • Amber21
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    I am two years out and the way my doctors did it was every six months I have a CAT scan and then at at year marks I have PET scans.