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GBM- what to expect?

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My 82 year old Grandmother was diagnosed with GBM, on the left side and back of the brain, in December 2003. Both of the tumors were inoperable, so she decided to take two weeks of chemo and radiation. Now she has made it to the 6 month mark, with an approximate survival rate from 6 months to 1 year. Can anyone who has seen the end stages of this cancer please give my family some idea of what to expect. Her speech has been gone for months and she is only able to walk with assistance. Thanks for the words of encouragement I've been reading on the discussions boards.

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My Dad is 83 and just finished radiation and Temodar. So your Grandmother is farther along in her battle than my Dad. I wonder the same things as you. The radiation seems to have pretty bad effects on my Dad. Already he cant remember much and he doesnt make much sense when he talks. I work with him everyday to try to keep his strength up, but he wont eat much so it seems like a loosing battle. But as he is only off radiation a week I hope his appetite improves. I dont know if your grandmother experienced the same loss of appetite. But more to the point of your question, I think you need to ask your doctor. But from what I have been able to find out at some point my Dad will get to the point he needs to go to hospice care. But for now I am praying for a miracle. Like you I am grateful for the feedback on this board. I wish all the best to you and your Grandmother. Keep the faith.

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I'm a 54 yr old male with stage 4 glio blastoma. Was diagnosed last July. Not sure I can answer your question. It would depend where the tumor is located and what functions it would affect. As the person before me I would ask your Dr., either your heurosurgeon or onocolgist. They would be able to answer your question. My tumor is located on the occipitial lobe right side, which controls the vision. I have had a resection, 6 wks of rads, and have taken chemo (temadar) since Sept 12 2003. I hope that you have gone after a second opinion. I have seen several people that without a second opinion would not be here today.
I wish you and your family all the best. Stay positive, and let God carry your burden.
God Bless

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My father just got diagnosed with GBM 4. He has as much of the tumor removed in the biopsy as possible. Perhaps his tumor was located where yours was as his left peripheral is gone. The doctors told him he is lucky since it is very simple to get to his tumor. I have opened up a thread for my father please post a reply if u have time in my thread. Thanks a lot and good luck to u. You sound strong and I dont thin this tumor knows who it messed with.

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I'm sorry to hear about your grandmmother. I do hope that you have gotten a second opinion. In regards to your question I thought you might want to know about a wonderful, easy to understand book about brain tumors. It was given to me by an oncologist who turned out not to be on my insurance but consulted on my case and answered so many of our questions when I was diagnosed. I ran into her a year later and she recgonized me and gave me her book. A year later I was learning even more about brain tumors.

The name of the book is:
100 Questions & Answers about Brain Tumors
By Dr. Virginia Stark-Vance and Mary Louise Dubay
Any major bookstore should carry it or be able to order it for you.

It was written by her and one of her brain cancer patients. Towards the end of the book one of the questions specifically addresses what to expect at the end stages. I hope this helps.


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