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Have questions, need answers

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I lost my mother to cancer in December 2002 and I am still trying to cope. (Not doing so well tonight) The day my mom died I was there when she was going and I was told she could hear what we said she just couldn't respond. Could this be true? She was on very strong pain killers and I am just not sure. If anyone knows please let me know.

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I guess you are asking the unanswerable question. We don't know what it is like in the final stages of life. I believe in what people believe. Let me explain. I believe if you believe your mother could hear you, then she probably heard you. "Hearing" a loved one is not always done with the ears, nor is it always something we are conscious of. Haven't you ever just known something about a loved one? I also believe if a person believes they can still have that conection to a loved one then they still have that connection. If you sit quietly, can't you still hear her voice? Can't she still give you the advice you know she would have always given you? I believe the phrase, "You are not alone." Although your mother is not physically with you, she has not left you alone. She will always be with you; in your memories, in your mind and in your heart. Perhaps the next time you are having a difficult time - missing her, you could just talk to her. I believe she can hear you and if you listen very carefully, you could hear her, too.

Peace, love, happiness and health,

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