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2 weeks today

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two weeks today my mother will be having surgery for stage 3 rectal cancer. i still can't believe it. i wake up at night sweating thinking my mother has cancer! im really really scared. i just want someone to tell me she's going to live.

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Hiya Jules----hey--keep the faith--keep praying--keep positive.
Better said than done but the facts are that many here have been there Julie.I had stage 2 and was afraid right up to the point when I was taken to theatre.Jen was so worried for me as were my 3 kids.My 2nd eldest son phoned me a few hour before surgery and cried on the phone.
You are afraid because of the unknown.Surgery today for colon cancer IS a very major operation and I would be lying to tell you there are no risks--that just is not the case--but the success's are very real Julie.Statistics show that very few end up with complications.It is true that there are some "unknown" things that can crop up during the surgery but your mother would have been counselled on any possible problems.
What you are worried about is "normal" Julie--you wouldn't be a loving daughter if you did not have concerns/fears--we know you can't help the way you feel---you love your mum.
Look after yourself in the next 2 weeks, you will need lots of energy to support your mum "when" she is on the way to recovery.
The risks are real--no getting away from that--just keep coming back here to let us help you --being with friends to support you is very important.
our luv ands huggs to you and mum--kanga n Jen

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Hi Julie,
I am thinking of you and sending prayers your way. Fear is a difficult thing and I certainly don't have the answer to that. For what it is worth, I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with stage 3 rectal cancer, and had surgery just over a year ago. I am doing GREAT today - back to my normal life 100% (I just typed 110%, ha ha -- that may be a little problem!), clear check-ups, etc. I say this in the hope that it might give you some support. I am rooting for your mom, and I'm also rooting for YOU. With all best wishes,

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Hi Julie,

You are an incredible young woman! Surgery is no piece of cake, however, all of the Semi-colons have been through it and recovered and so will your mom.

We will be praying for you both.



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Julie- I know what you are going through (I am going through the same thing with my mother). One thing that I am trying to remember is that having cancer is no longer a death sentance. For many years it was programed into our heads that cancer meant death. This is no longer the case. With all of the new technology, cancer CAN be beat. Look at all of these wonderful posters who have and are beating it! As hard as it is, remember that and stay positive....

I also try to think...if only we can get it under contrl for at least a few years. Think of what kind of technology will be around then! Eventually, even a cure! Keep the faith and I pray that everything turns out for the best for you.

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Hi Julie,
You are a wonderful careing daughter!Your Mother has a lot of things to go through, but she is going to be alright.Care givers experience the same emotions as do Patients.They are disbelief,denial, anger,fear, and acceptance.I know it is all so over whelming.You will find support on this Net. everyone is so helpful and kind.Have you checked with the oncologist to see if you have The Cancer Supporttive Care Program?
Please feel free to EMail me.
You and your Mother will be in my prayers.

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Hi Julie,
I hope these two weeks go by quickly for both your sakes. How is your mom holding up? the waiting part is so hard, but soon the focus will be on healing and continuing to beat this beast. My surgery was in December, and went very well; it now seems very long ago. Being on the "young side" (under 60) is a good thing in terms of helping with recovery from the surgery. Take care of yourself; you'll be in my prayers.
Regards, Judy

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hi Julie:

Your worries, concern and fear are normal. Just keep the faith, positive thoughts, and trust it God's will. I know that this time is not an easy time but have confidence that medical science will do all that it can for your mom and the rest is out of our hands.

God Bless and Keep you and yours.

Many hugs,

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